How to find the ring…after finding the one

There’s a hushed rule that holds a man should spend at least two months worth of his income on the engagement ring! But while many a man will break into a run at the mention of this –the very reason no one screams about it..!

It may be interesting to know that apart from diamonds being a girl’s best friend, they are also the most durable, and so should be your engagement!

In an interview with Raju of Rajshyn Jewelers he acknowledges that the Kenyan man takes the engagement stone with as much fervor as the wedding band, ‘While most will walk in without a hint of what they want apart from ‘a beautiful ring’ we notice that a high percentage of our male clientele place quality way above cost’ The shop has been in existent for thirty five years, he notes that more than ever, grooms to be are more conscious of their Fiancées’ ring as they know it will have a great influence on the wedding bands, which will probably also match!

An engagement ring contains at least one larger ‘center’ diamond and many smaller diamonds along the larger than life rock! If there’s just one single stone, then it’s a solitaire.

A run down on the terms you are likely to encounter on your rock-shopping spree fosters the impression that you know what you are looking. This gem101s will not only boost your confidence, it also allows for clever conversation during the dialogue:
1. Band -This is the circular part of the ring that sits around the finger.

2. Setting – Refers to the piece that holds the gemstone in place, which is attached to the band. The setting is said to be either‘Pronged-to mean it has tong like extensions or teeth holding the  gemstone in place, its also said to be ‘invisible’ Meaning that it doesn’t have the extensions

3. Gemstone – This is the main feature of the ring, preferably referred to as the ‘rock’. It’s the centerpiece attraction on the band.

4. The 4C’s – This C -Words denote Carat, color, clarity and cut of the gemstone.

5. Customizing – It’s the ability to recreate or redesign the ring into something bespoke and suiting to your fiancees taste

6. Re-plating – This means covering a metal with a different layer that’s less prone to oxidation and tarnishing


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