Eliminate your fears and doubts about bride fitness

What’s your ultimate inspiration for getting fit and healthy as a bride? To some, it’s the engagement while others, it’s the imagination of how they will look on the wedding day and after it. Many brides out there have divergent opinions on why they want to be fit within the time they have.

Although being fit is ideal for everyone, you might have certain fears and doubts about it. That may make you fail to achieve your goal.

The truth is that being fit before the great day and remaining better after that is crucial for you. It will make you look great and admire yourself. Your self-esteem will also get a boost.

We were lucky to have a session with Coach George Oluoch, a fitness, and nutrition expert. He shared vital information about the topic. Read on to find out from the subsequent sections.

Which factors inspire brides to be fit?

Here are some of the reasons why brides aim at being in their best shape.


Everyone has got that person they mostly look up to. They can be their role model or just a friend who influences most of their actions. They always want to do what they do and even sacrifice to undergo the processes involved to achieve their goal.

That also applies to bride fitness. According to Coach George, many people’s fitness routines gets influenced by others. Another person’s fitness routine might inspire you to the extent of copying them. Also, the results achieved by them after their fitness strategy has worked out may encourage you to have a plan.

What you consume on the internet also plays a role. If you read fitness articles online alongside watching fitness-related videos, you will get motivated to start working out.

Need for a reference

How do you feel when you look at the image you took years ago and realize you were in good shape? You will admire them and even want to show them to your friends. The presence of social media platforms will also allow you to share them with the world.

That’s how good it feels when you are in the perfect shape you have been desiring. George asserts that the urge to look at your image in the future and see how good you looked might also motivate you to work out.

Weddings and other events associated with it can’t miss a photographer. The imagination of taking a photo in good shape will encourage you to set a fitness routine. You will want to get it right both in body shape and fitness. Joining a fitness program within the time will be a good way of fulfilling your desires.

Need to fit dream dress

We all have that dress that we always admire. Maybe it’s the latest trend you saw in town or just a unique designer outfit. How would you feel when you realize that it does not fit you anymore? 

Many people get disappointed when they realize they can’t put on an outfit they have admired for a long time, especially after spending their money on them. It is a piece of bad news that no one desires.

As such, they plan to get over the disappointments by having a fitness plan. Probably that is also your situation. Joining a fitness program will be an idea worth pursuing. You can also have your DIY plan without joining any costly programs and still make it.

Body goals

Everyone has a body goal they want to achieve. To make them realistic, they have to work consistently and remain positive. The same applies to bridal fitness and wellness. You may also not want to maintain your current body shape.

The urge to appear a certain way at a particular stage will make you set a fitness goal. It might be long-term or short-term. But, it must help you achieve your body goal.

Here are the reasons you might fail to achieve your fitness goal

It’s easy to set a fitness goal. However, achieving it might not be possible for some people. From our session with Coach George, we realized that the following are some of the reasons why you might fail to achieve yours.

Not setting goals properly

It is always ideal to set smart goals than just setting general ones. To develop better goals, define them and know the exact things you want to achieve. For instance, when creating a fitness goal. Be specific with what you want to achieve. 

Sadly, most of us fail because we don’t know much about fitness and tend to generalize the idea. Setting general goals such as “to lose weight” or to “get in shape” in most cases become unachievable.

That keeps you away from following the right processes towards achieving your goals, thus giving up on the way. The goals are also general, making it difficult for you to measure whether you have attained them or not. It will make you lose interest in the long run and get back to your old ways of life.

Undefined deadlines

There is a saying that “what gets measured gets accomplished,” and of course, it’s the reality. If you set a goal but fail to set specific deadlines, you will only dream of achieving it and fail in the process.

If you have deadlines, you will have a sense of urgency in your undertakings. Most brides fail to achieve their fitness goals because they don’t have strategic deadlines. Failing to have long-term and short-term deadlines will only make your fitness journey difficult.

Lack of consistency

We all know how good it is to set goals that we can achieve. Surprisingly, we fail to follow through and lose focus midway. It justifies that having a plan is a half accomplished goal. You need to execute them to achieve what you want.

Most of the brides start well with the drive and determination to achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, they get distracted along the way, thus their failure. Get distractions out of the way to achieve your fitness dream.

If you promise yourself to work out at a certain time of the day and you don’t, it will become a habit. That will make you inconsistent along the way hence stopping you from achieving the ultimate goal.

Love for shortcuts

It’s the nature of human beings to desire results by putting in minimum effort. Funnily, the majority of the people yearn to get better results within the shortest time without much effort. As a bride, following shortcuts will make you fail quickly and give up.

You will bump on various products, such as weight loss pills that retail at lower prices. That will  make you stop your workout routine. Unfortunately, you will only end up wasting time and achieve nothing in the end. It’s what has seen the majority of the brides fail in their workout process.

Do the following to achieve your fitness goals

After realizing that you can fail to achieve your fitness goals, you should know what to do to avoid becoming a victim. Here are a few recommendations from our session with coach  George for you.

Focus on your “why”

The initial step to achieving your fitness goals as a bride is knowing why you put in all the effort. Why are you sacrificing your time for the exercises? Are you aiming to look good in your dress as you walk down the aisle?

If you know your why and the answer to it, you will not fail to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Focusing on the why also cuts across knowing yourself. You should be aware of what you can achieve and what you can’t. That way, you will avoid too much pressure that might make you fail.

Your nutrition matters

Energy is power. Without it, achieving any goal might not be possible for you. You must be having a well-balanced diet to attain your fitness goals. Your nutrition is the greatest contributor to your fitness.

It constitutes about 80% of what we do. Therefore, liaise with a nutrition specialist to guide you on walking your fitness journey with the appropriate diet.

Find an accountability partner

If you do not enjoy workouts alone, the thought of going it alone in the next weeks or months may be tedious. 

What if you join a fitness program or find a fitness partner to keep you in check and motivate you? That will encourage you to work out more on your plan and achieve the goals you have set. Getting in touch with a fitness specialist will also help you better plan and guide you on the do’s and don’ts.

Set short term and long-term goals

Don’t just aim for the wedding day alone. Fitness plans should be both short and long-term based. Knowing your major wedding fitness goal will allow you to set other better goals alongside that will help in complementing it. Don’t set goals that you won’t achieve. Just set smart ones.

Fitness remains a vital topic for every bride. You should never be hesitant to start your fitness plan. Work out frequently and remain consistent. You will realize that it is not as sophisticated as you thought.


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