St Patrick’s Day inspired wedding ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is a worldwide feast of the Irish culture that takes place on 17th March. St Patrick was a priest who had a dream that Irish people were calling him to convert them to Christianity so he decided that he needed to go to Ireland and help. there were already some Christians there but St. Patrick really put a major shift on the country.

So globally every year on this day, the Irish together with the Irish at heart observe St.Patrick’s Day which is now an international festival incorporating into the celebrations some Irish culture through parades, dancing, special foods and drinks (Guinness beer) including a whole lot of green which came from the clovers(Shamrock) and pots of Gold.

St Patrick used Clovers to symbolize trinity of which the Irish now take it as a symbol of luck and it’s green as a sign of new life, fertility and balance and any or all of the three green colors: emerald, grayed jade and tender shoots are used. Gold was a sign of wealth and having your wedding or event on such an auspicious day is said to bring the couple luck, prosperity, fertility as well as wealth but not only that it’s a day full of happiness and joy, and what bride wouldn’t want the whole world to celebrate her wedding unknowingly.

This special day allows you to be creative, unique and fun on your wedding ideas from the wedding decor whilst incorporating it’s colorful, fresh theme of Green and Gold blend together, not forgetting all the fun traditions that come along with the day something to keep your guests entertained. Here are some of the green inspired wedding ideas you can incorporate in your wedding:

Themed green in your decor

green leaves on table











The tropical greenery will give you that outdoor feel whilst still having a soft and warm style.


Occasionally Green

girl with green dress logo





















Drive everyone green with envy by matching it with embellishments to give it an elegant appeal.

Floral Brides

floral logo



















If you are looking for a feminine yet romantic look, a wedding dress with floral details if your best bet!

St. Patrick’s Day Makeup

makeup logo















Green may seem like an intimidating but a touch of a bright color may bring out the edgy pop!

Good Luck Charms?

logo white with flower






















The silver shoe pendant is worn by a bride as part of her jewelry as she incorporates something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe into her wedding attire!

Your very own St. Patrick Martini

logo green anklet
















Accessorize your wedding outfit by wearing a lace anklet



Green Wedding

logo kiuna bridesmaids











Green symbolizes harmony, freshness and fertility and it sets an elegant trend throughout your wedding


Add a little greenery to your life

logo green glass















After partying a storm on St. Patrick’s day, who needs a hangover the next day?


Why let the rains stop you?

green flower white aisle










Don’t let the infamous rains stop discourage you from having your perfect garden outdoor wedding


Your very own St. Patrick’s Martini

logo bailey matini

















How about serving up your very own Bailey’s Martini for St. Patrick’s Day?

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