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Popular months when couples tie the knot in Kenya

Choosing a wedding date is one of the most important planning decisions that you’ll have to make as a couple that is after saying yes to the journey of love. Your wedding date will impact every other aspect of your nuptial including your budget. You may have an idea of where you envision yourself walking down the aisle or how your gown will look like , but until you decide when you’d like to get married, you can’t commit to anything. We have compiled some of the best months with the best deals as far as tying the knot is concerned.

1. February
This is the month, after January, that is deemed to be tough in terms of financial matters is concerned. Hence, when it comes to getting deals, most wedding vendors and hotels give the best deals especially being that it is the month of love. Its also the best month since its hot and your guests can wear their pretty little dresses on your nuptial.

2. June

June July is the coolest time in Nairobi but other parts are warmer.It is a good time at the coast, less humid and not too hot. Depends where you choose to plan your nuptial. Money is also not overstretched as far as wedding budget is concerned.

3. August

This month looks like a fake December with many of the working class taking their leave during this month. So, if you are looking to have a crowd on the day of your wedding, this is the month to go for.

4. October

October has been the most popular wedding month in the last couple of years. In Kenya, two holidays fall in this month where a couple can plan their wedding date. It is also a month with a great cash flow if you are planning to do a harambee.

5. December

This is the most ideal month for many couples with the many holidays falling during this time which can work well if you are looking to have a crowded wedding. For many couples, things like warm weather or an outdoor venue are important. But obviously, this is the busiest time of year for venues and vendors, so costs will likely be higher.

Looking for fun wedding transportation for your big day? Here are some creative ways

The logistics of getting to and from your wedding venue and sometimes to your reception can be tricky if not properly planned out. That is why its thoughtful to make room in your wedding budget for transportation not only for yourself but also for your guests. Here are some fun ways, which you can use to get your guests around!
1. Antique Car
Renting a vintage car can make your big day unique. They are a classy, unusual form of transportation that will let you and your bride- or groom-to-be make an impressive entrance.

2. Limousine
A limousine is timeless and elegant, the traditional choice of wedding transportation. If you want your bridal party to jump in, a stretch limousine would make a great experience!
3. Taxi or uber
For a classic wedding in the city, a vintage checked taxi or uber is totally on-theme.
4. Helicopter
For the ultimate exit, it really doesn’t get more over-the-top than a helicopter. This one’s perfect for the couple whose motto is “go big or go home.”

5. Golf Cart
This comes in handy when your ceremonies as well as reception are at the same venue, but a bit of a distance away. Once decorated, a golf cart can be a unique mode of transport to the venue!
6. Rowboat
Have an inspired moment as your love rows you across the lake.
7. Sailboat
This is one of the methods, which will get you ready for your honeymoon. For the extravagant bride, a yatch too can work out!
8. Horse and Carriage
You’ll feel like Cinderella as you ride along with your very own Prince Charming. Best of all, the fairy tale won’t end at midnight

9. Party Bus
For the bride and groom who want to ride along with the wedding party, nothing says “party” like party bus.

How different was Princess Eugenie’s nuptial from Prince Harry and Meghan’s ?

Royal fans have a lot to celebrate this year as the second royal wedding between princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank has already taken place. Just like the Harry and Meghans nuptial, their church ceremony was held inside St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle while their nighttime reception took place at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

A household name in the United Kingdom, Princess Eugenie alongside her sister are renowned for the flamboyant hat that they wore to Prince William and Kate Middletons nuptial and is the third of the queens four granddaughters. She was also the first royal baby to have a public christening. Her husband, Brooksbank, 31, is the son of an accountant and grew up in British aristocratic circles. He did not attend college, though, and instead worked in the restaurant and bar industry. He is currently the manager of the posh nightclub Mahiki, and is a brand representative for George Clooneys company, Casamigos Tequila. It is said that the two lovebirds have been together for more than seven years. We are always keen to check out how special the royal weddings are and here is how different Eugenies wedding was from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

1. The Timing
This is the most obvious difference between the two celebrations. While Meghan and Harrys big day was on a Saturday morning around noon in the springtime, Eugenie and Jacks wedding took place on a Friday morning in October.
While Eugenie and Jacks festivities lasted for two days, which comprised of the ceremony, fairgrounds as well as an afternoon tea, Prince Harry and Meghan had two receptions one which was a very private affair. The Queen hosted a wedding reception at Windsor Castle, and later on, another reception was held at the York’s Windsor family home called the Royal Lodge.
The Royal Lodge was special given the fact that this is the place where the York family reside and Princess Eugenie spent much of her childhood in the area, making the venue a heartfelt one not only for the bride, but her entire family.
While at Meghan and Harry’s wedding the male guests were allowed to wear “lounge suits,” none of that happened at Eugenie’s. Guys had to wear morning suits, which have an S-shaped coat. In addition, the duo had a much larger guest list.
When it comes to cost, Prince Harry and Meghans nuptial exceeded Eugenie’s wedding. It is said that Prince Harry and Meghans wedding clocked in at nearly $45 million, a sum that was partially covered by the palace. Reportedly, this cost the taxpayer a whooping $40 million just for security. Eugenie’s nuptial was said to be $2.5 million celebration and there is a bit of controversy in what the public was expected to pay in as far as security measures are concerned despite the fact that Eugenie is not one of the main royals.

While Meghan settled for a Givenchy wedding gown designed by Brit Clare Waight Keller, Eugenie went with a nearly off-shoulder gown by Peter Pilotto and shoes by Charlotte Olympia. And when it comes to the veil, unlike Meghans, which was the talk of town, Eugenie ditched it in favor of highlighting her gown’s plunging back and proudly showing off the scars from her childhood scoliosis back surgery.

Meghan, being the diplomat that she is, chose not to have a maid of honor because she couldn’t choose between her friends. How sweet! Plus, Meghan and her half-sister Samantha Markle weren’t exactly on speaking terms so that wasn’t really an option.
But what’s just as sweet as Meghan not choosing between her friends is who Eugenie picked to be her maid of honorher sister, Princess Beatrice, of course!
Considering that Meghan isn’t royal, she didn’t have any spare tiaras lying around so she borrowed the Queen Mary Filigree tiara, which Queen Elizabeth II inherited in 1953. While it was predicted that Eugenie would wear the York tiara, which her mother wore when she married Prince Andrew, she opted for an emerald one that she borrowed from the Queen.

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Mistakes guests make when attending a wedding

An invitation or save the date for a future wedding in your was up or mail box can be one of the most exciting things to anticipate. Weddings, more often than not, are an opportunity to eat good food, dance besides old friends and make new ones too. In addition, its the celebration of two people in your life who have found love within one another and promise to stay together for a lifetime. So being in your best behavior as a wedding guest is crucial not only for your reputation but also as a sign of respect to your loved one. We, did our research and found out some of the common mistakes that wedding guests do in weddings:
1. Wearing White
Even if you think its okay and think that you look better in the colour, unless its the theme of the wedding or the bride says so, wearing white to a wedding is a no no. Let the bride sparkle in white while you wear any other dress just to be safe.
2. Not Giving A Gift
I know times are hard and the economy is tough but its courtesy to at least go with a gift even just a card. Your card will mean something to them and they will cherish it for the rest of their lives.
3. Chatting During the Ceremony
As excited as you may be during the ceremony because of meeting old friends or making new ones, it is wise and respectful to refrain from chatting.
4. Taking Flash Photography
Dont compete with the official photographers when it comes to taking photography kindly make way for them. Those photos are the only memory that couples have so as a matter of respect, let the photographers take the best photos possible.

5. Taking Shots Before the Ceremony
Kindly dont be drunk before the ceremony even if you are a renowned party animal. Save the best for last as in most weddings couples have an open bar in the evenings.
6. Wearing Jeans
Even if the wedding invitation says it is not a black tie event, kindly do not wear jeans in any wedding.
7. Getting Competitive About the Bouquet Toss
The bouquet tossing time should is a fun time where singles get to catch the bouquet and hope that their wedding will be the next one. However, don’t get too competitive and avoid elbowing people around you and pushing them away. Remember, its never that serious!
8. Giving An Unplanned Speech
If you want to speak at the wedding, chat with the couple beforehand, but keep in mind that they may not want guests to think it’s an open mic kind of night and have speeches drag on for a good chunk of the reception. Just because there’s a microphone at the party, doesn’t mean you have permission to use it.
9. Texting the Bride
Can you imagine how many texts and calls the bride gets the day before and during the wedding? If you can, kindly avoid bringing in pressure and hold your peace till afterwards.
10. Bringing an Uninvited Plus-One
If you weren’t told you could bring someone to the wedding, know that you have to fly solo. An uninvited guest is an extra plate, which means an extra cost to the couple.
11. Not Introducing Yourself to the People at Your Table
Be sure to say hello to them when you sit down. You were placed at that table for a reason so chances are you have something in common with the people around you.
12. Comparing/Criticizing the Details
If you didnt contribute in making the wedding happen, kindly dont say anything negative about the occasion. Bring in positive vibe.

Do you know the history behind the name change?

In most societies, when a woman is married, the expectation is that they change their last name as a sign that they have acquired a new status. But do you know where this entire tradition came from?
Historically, an individuals surname was not significant. Most people were only known by their first/Christian names in early medieval England. However, as the population grew, it became a tedious task to distinguish people and as a result the surnames were introduced. Issues of wives taking their husbands surnames did not surface until the 19th century when lawmakers in Britain started to look into the legalities surrounding families, personhood as well as marriage. Consequently, the doctrine of coverture emerged which made the woman one with her spouse therefore requiring her to change her last name to her husbands.

The concept of coverture literally connotes covered by, which meant that women had no independent legal identity apart from their spouse. This coverage began when the female child was young in that she had to take her fathers surname and could only change it once she was legally married. While the laws meant that the woman was covered, the worst part of it was that these laws hindered them from signing contracts, participating in or even exercising ownership over real estate or personal property. However, as times went by, and as more women right groups began to emerge, the woman have an option to retain their birth name after marriage.

7 reasons why brides refuse to change their last name

All over the world, some time back, it was automatic that a married woman would later on change their name to their hubbys. Nevertheless, times are changing and with the rise of independent women i.e being able to acquire land without requiring their husbands consent or even loans from banks, more and more women are apparently refusing to take up their husbands last names. Here are some of the reasons that we found out after research, on why some women are not changing their names:
1. Procrastination:
Most women admit that the process of changing their name to their husbands is tedious and they have found themselves procrastinating the entire process. The process entails forms to be filled and returned to the registrar of persons before the names change officially.

2. Their husbands last name is terrible
Some women reject their husbands name because its either terrible or has a horrible meaning which they cant associate themselves with.
3.To maintain their identity
Marriage means that a woman loses her identity especially by changing their name. To prove that they are proud of who they are, some women decide to keep their last name.

4. It will affect their career
When a woman attains some level of influence or financial/career success before they get married, they tend to refuse the names of their husbands as it results in a lot of complications or its double work trying to change what they have worked for years.
5. Fear of divorce
With the rise in number of cheating cases, most women are sticking to keeping their last name.
6. Family tradition
Women who come from influential families tend to keep their maiden names as a way of keeping their family tradition and also their wealth. Some also keep because their mother also kept hence it continues throughout their generations.
7. Because their hubby is changing their names to hers
Sounds weird but thats the current trend now.

Wondering what you want to tell a bride on wedding day? Here is what every Kenyan bride wants to hear

While it is true that every person loves compliment, women, in particular, are never disarmed when you give them one. So besides carrying your gift vouchers and presents, a nice word will keep them smiling all the way. From the research we conducted, we found out that brides love to be told all things nice ranging from their makeup, to their wedding gown to the tiniest details of what stood out on their big day. As a guest at a wedding, here are some of the nice things you can tell a bride:
1. This gown really looks good on you!
If youve ever assisted a bride look for a wedding gown, you can attest to the fact that it is one of the most challenging things to do. So when she finds it and looks perfect on her big day, genuinely compliment her by telling her she looks beautiful. You can never go wrong by telling her how spectacular her gown is.
2. You are beautiful
Especially when it comes to make up. From research, ever bride wants to know that her look made each of her guests shed a tear or two. From her gorgeous hair, to her breathtaking vision and her beautiful face the compliment will stick with her long after the wedding.
3. You two are perfect together.
One of the most relieving things you can tell a bride is to let her know that she made the right choice in as far as her husband is concerned. Compliment both her and the hubby and let them know how well they look like soul mates.
4. Im enjoying myself so much, thanks a lot for inviting me.
After alls been said and done, every couple wants to know that everything they went through to make this big event happen was worth it. And nothing makes them smile than to know that their guests enjoyed and loved everything in the wedding.
5. Your choice of dcor was stunning!
Research indicates that most brides spend 90 %of their time on dcor. Since they spend all this time making their wedding look good, why not make them feel awesome by how their whole reception or their church set up looks! Whether it’s a creative table arrangement or just a well arranged bouquet, its these little things that go a long way to make the brides day feel worthwhile.

6. Whatever is in your heart!
Everything is meaningful when it comes from the heart. It might not be just about the wedding but find out how to make the bride smile. Their wedding day is all about celebrating the love they share with each other and the significant people in their lives hence thats the perfect chance of showing how much they mean to you!

7 reasons why you should consider changing your name to your husband’s

There are many debates on whether its important for married women to change their names to their husbands. Despite the fact that one is not bound by law to do so, we have compiled 5 important reasons why you should consider doing so:
1. It shows your commitment.
Changing you last name is an act of love, submission as well as a sign that you are fully committed to the union. Psychologists argue that a name change means a lot to me and boosts their ego.
2. It bond you together
If you are fond of spirituality, theres a traditional Chinese culture known as feng shui, which purports that joining names declares to the universe that you and your spouse are a complete unit. Together is a powerful energy, which solidifies the bond in marriage.
3. Its more convenient and easier for you with kids.
This works in case you are planning to have children in future. It brings clarity and assists in bringing the family together.
4. To help you feel like you fit in.
In the African culture, the change of name gives a woman a sense of belonging not just in her husband life but also with his entire clan. Shows that she now belongs to the new family and is ready to learn its ways.

5. People will know youre truly off the market.
Theres no better way to tell the world that you are taken than changing your name! Especially, all stalkers on social media, old boyfriends, workmates and business associates who may need to know this fact.
6. The only way to change that name that you hate!
In case, you hate your last name or its too hard to pronounce, it might be a nice change of pace to have a change, dont you think so?
7. Its a prestigious surname.
Change of name brings prestige and honor especially if your spouse comes from a powerful family.

Changing your name after marriage? Here are 5 easy steps on how to do it

Changing your maiden name to your husband’s name after saying I do is a dainty task that few women embrace with the enthusiasm. However, once you are done, it will be such an amazing feeling to have all your cards and vital documents in your new name. To save you all the trouble, we’ve come up with what you require to make this seemingly hard process be as easy as ABC.

1. Changing your ID name
According to Lawyer Nelson Osiemo, the process of changing your maiden name to your husband’s surname in your ID is pretty simple. Just head over to the chief’s office or at Huduma center with:
• Your husband’s ID
• Your ID
• Certified copy of your marriage certificate
• A certified copy of your Birth Certificate
After completing the entire process, wait for a week for your new ID.
2. Get a New Passport and Travel Documents
For the passport, one has to begin the application again and pay the fee for a new passport depending on the number of pages. If you have booked a ticket for your honeymoon, ensure you use your maiden name unless you are traveling out of the country and have already change your name on your passport. At the Immigration office, you may require:
• Completed passport application forms (Form 19)
• A certified copy of your marriage license.
• Your current passport.
• A recent color photograph that meets the requirement of the passport.
• An affidavit
NB: Honeymooning out of the country definitely requires your passport, which must match your tickets. In case you have a new passport by this time; ensure that you book your ticket under the new name. If you won’t have changed your name, ensure that your ticket is booked with your maiden’s name.
5. Change the Name on Your Bank Accounts
As soon as your ID had been updated with your new name, head over to your local bank branch and update the info on your bank accounts. If you’re going in person, bring the following documents with you:
• A certified copy of your marriage license.
• Your national ID
Don’t forget to request a new set of cards and new checkbooks.


It’s back once again!This year’s 2nd edition will take place from the 27th to 29th July at the Sarit Center in Westlands.

The Samanthas Bridal wedding Expo is an event that will not only allow you, the bride, to source and see the hippest, hottest trends in the wedding industry, but it will allow you to experience them in action too.

The show constantly improving standard is clearly evident in the exquisitely decorated stands, with every exhibitor vying for the covetable title of Best Stand. This aesthetic benchmark has been set very high this year. Another sure draw card for the shows visitors will be the opportunity for the visitors to enter a draw and win various prizes which include weekend getaways, goodie bags, wedding cakes, complimentary makeup for bridal party, jewellery among others.

Schedule it on your diaries all brides, grooms, wedding fans from 27th to 29th July 2018 at the Sarit Center, Westlands. Miss it miss out!