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Wear Heels to a Garden Wedding with No Reservations

When you get that wedding invitation card, the first thing you think about is what you will wear to the event. You also have the obligation to be absolutely stylish, comfortable and most importantly, not out-do the bride.

We all love to look exceptionally good and a fabulous pair of heels is essential to instantly turn a simple look into an exquisitely gorgeous one. However, it is hard to imagine ruining your pair of heels in one day because you wore them to a garden wedding. Worry not! There is a solution to keep your heels on the ground and not in the grass with this heel tip designed to prevent sinking and or slippage.

This is the perfect idea, not only for guests but also for you and your bridesmaids as it will provide comfort and prevent you from worrying about your shoes. Try these new heel protectors which come in several colours to match your shoes for a stress free strut.

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Military Wedding

When a man in uniform decides to get married, there are certain protocols that have to be observed.
So what happens when the church comes into play and certain regulations have to be integrated? The Catholic Church has a set of requirements for the members one of which is that a couple must wed in the church for it to be considered sacred. This was the reason Sarah and Lieutenant colonel Thomas had to do a church wedding after twenty years of marriage and four children later.
Besides the Catholic regulations, the military itself has requirements to be followed during ceremonies.
“As a military officer, one has to declare to their immediate boss if you are married or not married” says Thomas.
The norm usually is the groom’s family goes to the bride’s house to beg for her. In a military wedding however, the groom’s colleagues arrive at the bride’s house chanting celebratory songs, storm in and carry the bride away to a waiting car.
After the church service, the couple has to enter the signature archway of sabers held up by honor guards. It is significant that before completing the symbolic safe passage into marriage, the last two members of the honor guards block their journey, while one of the guards gives their newlywed colleague a ceremonial swat on the rear and a warm welcome to whatever branch of service the bride has married into.


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Garden Wedding Ideas for the Rainy Season

The rainy season is here and lately the weather has been quiet unpredictable.


Don’t we all love garden weddings! Natural elements come to play, providing a serene backdrop that blends in earthiness and provides a feeling of openness. Garden weddings do however have drawbacks, especially during the rainy seasons. Brides and guests who prefer to show up in stylish high heels often have a hard time walking on wet grounds. So for the sole reason of comfort and preserving those gorgeous shoes, rent some marquee flooring and stunt with no worries.

Unlined-Traditional-Marquee5 USIU culture week Walkway

From wooden floors to carpet flooring with an underlay to plastic flooring, there is an option for every ground condition.

A Frame Tent profloor(1)

This flooring idea is perfect for creating an indoor feel to an outdoor venue and with a wide range of floor types to choose from; whatever the vision, it will be brought to life. From wooden floors to carpet flooring with an underlay to plastic flooring, there is an option for every ground condition.


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Daddy’s Little Girl

A father is a daughter’s first love.

From time immemorial, girls have been known to be fond of their fathers, cultivating a closeness that surpasses -if I may say- any other relationship. Fathers have been and still are the male figures of which their daughters look up to and from a young age learn from on how to relate with other men. Only reason why they say a girl marries a man who is just like her father.

Sarah and her father have always been close and this was evident on the day of her wedding. Her father had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he was giving away his daughter. “Today you are going to be someone’s wife but you will always be my little girl” this is what Sarah’s dad told her on her wedding day as they drove to the church in which the ceremony was to take place.

As they walked down the aisle she asked him how he was feeling, he said to her “If it was not for the fact that this wedding had to happen, I would not give you away,” an emotional utterance of a father -who in his mind was giving away his daughter in all completeness. “He is happy but he is not happy because he has to give me away,” Sarah remarks.

A good father is one who raises his daughter to be strong, independent and one who makes good choices all the while being an example of how a man should treat a woman based on how he relates with her mother. Fathers set the standards on how a man should treat their daughters.

Most dads are not concerned with the flowers, centre pieces, linens or décor, their only concern is that the man they are walking their daughter down the aisle to is a good man who will treat their little girl like the queen she was raised to be.

Marriage Expectations

Don’t we all have expectations?

Realistic, imaginary, necessary, basic or deep…expectations are indeed one of the pivotal parts of a marriage. Many couples go into a marriage with certain ideas of what it is and expect only what they imagine it to be. Nothing can truly prepare you for a marriage and all that comes with it. Living with your partner has a way of unraveling their habits and mannerisms which are in most cases shocking, irritating and downright annoying.
It can be from the simplest of things such as untidiness, preferences in certain product brands to complex issues such as morals on which the children will be raised and spending habits.
The risk of divorce is highest earlier on in the marriage because this is the time when two people who have grown up accustomed to certain ways now start to realize how indifferent they are to each other’s customs and values. Premarital counseling is vital for couples planning to tie the knot. This process helps to partly prepare you for marriage and teaches you on communicating and compromise. Though you cannot be fully prepared for marriage, one main thing that can help immensely is communicating and discussing in depth the most vital issues, before getting into the lifelong commitment after which, a common ground is arrived at. These issues include:

  • Beliefs and values-which common values do you wish to accustom your family to?
  • Roles in marriage- bills, household chores and family duties.
  • Sex-intimacy and allocation of quality time.
  • Children and parenting-religion, rules and disciplining.
  • Family relationships-allocation of time and finances to both sides of the family and conflict resolution.
  • Decision making-checking with your partner before making any big decisions.
  • Conflict resolution-ways to go about disagreements and arguments and how to resolve them.
  • Time management-how much time will you put aside exclusively for your wife or husband and children?
  • Money-discuss investments, big purchase, savings etc

Discussing what either of you expect before and after the wedding enables you and your partner to better understand and support each other in the marriage. This process helps couples to develop realistic expectations, better communication and is important for establishing a positive attitude towards marriage.

How can we level our expectations?

1. Communication
Openly talk about your expectations to your spouse and encourage them to do the same to ensure that both of you are on the same page.
2. Be realistic
Don’t have outrageous expectations that are likely not to be met by your spouse. It is normal to expect, but don’t be vulnerable to disappointment because of unrealistic expectations.
3. Remember, you fail too
Your partner has expectations too, some of which you may not be willing or able to fulfill. So cut them some slack simply because you are only human too.

There is no manual for a marriage. You will learn as you go. Just keep an open mind and a calm spirit.

The Pregnant Bride

_MG_1160 _MG_0734

Gone are the days when it was an abomination for a pregnant woman to wed. It has over the years become a common thing to wed during pregnancy so much so that there are wedding gowns being designed everyday for the pregnant bride.
A pregnant bride deserves to enjoy her big day without worrying about anything and below are tips on how to ensure that you breeze through your day radiantly and comfortable.
What Trimester is Best to Wed During?
If possible, try to get hitched in your second trimester. By this time, the pregnancy is much easier, your morning sickness should be easing up or entirely gone by then. Another advantage is that getting married in your second trimester will be much more comfortable as your belly will not be in the way.
Choosing your Wedding Gown
• The first thing you need to do is to inform your designer or bridal shop attendant of your pregnancy if it is not already noticeable and how far along you’ll be on the day of your wedding as this will help on the particulars of alterations and when they will need to be made.
• If you are buying a ready-made gown, try and make the purchase on a date much closer to the wedding date, to be sure of a comfortable fit and minimal alterations. If it is a tailored gown, ensure that your dressmaker bears in mind your belly’s growth rate and dynamics when making the dress so as to allow room for alterations that will preserve the design of the gown.
• Every body type has a particular design that will compliment it. However, pregnancies make most body types similar. With that in mind, the best looks for pregnant brides are empire waist-line gowns, princess cut gowns or A-line gowns. Avoid tight fits, small waists, and anything figure-hugging.
• The dress’s accents work best on your shoulders and bust as they will draw the eye away from your belly.

Tips on Comfort
• Comfort comfort comfort. Make this your first priority.
• Avoid corsets, tightly laced bodices, or any other constricting gear. Flow is the go for a woman with a bun in the oven, swollen feet and aching joints.
• Choose dresses with light fabric as it will ensure ease in movement. Bulky and heavy dresses will only add strain to your body and can be restricting.
• Ensure that you have on very comfortable shoes. Flats are the best way to go for a pregnant bride.

Wedding Accessory Tips
Accessoriez such as jewellery, the veil and the bouquet remain unaffected. A pregnant bride can have the usual accessories so have no worries.

Wedding Ring
For the wedding ring however, it is important to note that your finger size will also increase along with the rest of the body. There are two choices a bride can choose from when it comes to the wedding ring.
1. Either have a mock ring made for the wedding ceremony and later put on your real wedding ring which fits your usual sized finger after the pregnancy or
2. Have your wedding ring made to fit your finger at the time of your pregnancy and have it altered afterward.
Food Menu
Plan the menu ahead of the wedding keeping in mind what you need to eat and what you cannot eat. This doesn’t mean that your guests, the groom and wedding party get affected; it just means you need to find alternatives for you as well. So ensure that you have your own little menu on the side.
• You deserve double the ultimate pampering. With the wedding planning and baby growing contributing to your exhaustion ensure that you find a destination that is easily accessible and that promises much peace, quiet, relaxation and pampering.
• Be sure that your insurance covers any pregnancy complications or even giving birth.
• Make sure that you have cash with you in case there is trouble with visa’s credit cards and debit cards as approval from certain banks may take some time when in foreign countries
• Also, know where hospitals are in case of an emergency.
• Another way around this is to simply postpone the honeymoon until after the baby is born.


Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 9.52.45 AM
Remember the hat feature we did about the royal wedding? Remember the elegant, grand and overtly stylish hats worn by the nobles and the gentry? Would you believe me if I told you that hats in similar style are available here in Kenya?

Some of us have had the distasteful experience of seeing someone else with a hat just like yours especially at a wedding. Sometimes, even the mother-of-the-bride has this horrific experience when she, of all people should be exceptional.

Well, worry no more because Drop of a Hat has literally come to the rescue. Every single hat is unique and has absolutely no replica. Drop of a Hat will be showcasing their classy, tasteful hats at the highly anticipated Samantha’s Bridal Wedding Fair.


Drop of a Hat is a local bespoke hat business, designing exclusively elegant, stylish hats for the fashion conscious lady. Using mostly locally sourced materials, all the hats are handmade and finely hand stitched leaving no detail to chance. The name; Drop of a Hat came about when Chloé Mitchell made a list of suitable names all with the word –hat- and got friends to vote for their favourite. Drop of a Hat was the most voted hence it became the name of the brand.

Chloé Mitchell’s Bio

Taught by Rose Cory, the appointed milliner of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother, Chloé Mitchell, founder and CEO of Drop of a Hat, kicked off her career after inheriting her great aunt Dora’s antique flower stamen business, a stable and solid foundation to pursue her new found passion of becoming a milliner. Mitchell founded Drop of a Hat -a couture millinery- when she relocated back to Kenya after advancing her skills with Louise of Louise Pocock Bespoke Millinery in the Cotswolds, UK.

Mitchell is involved in charity work and  is currently working with a young handicapped girl, whom she has trained to hand stitch. Mitchell is making plans to work with and to use materials made locally by handicapped persons.

About the Hats

With the use of materials such as rabbit fur felt, wool felt, straw and sinamay, the hats, which include fedoras, fascinators, fashion sun hats, turbans, buttons and headpieces are of high quality with a grand and fine finish and provide a wide variety for both men and women. With prices ranging from Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 24,000, every client is catered to and can boast a bespoke hat with no –one- hat looking like the other; complete with a name as Mitchell names every one of her hats.

Drop of a Hat caters to all styles and occasions and the elegance exuded by the one-of-a-kind hats is sure to make heads turn in every instance. below are pictures of some of Drop of a Hat’s pieces…


Chloé Mitchell in; My Slanted Hat: Royal Dream Photograph by Neil Thomas
Chloé Mitchell in; My Slanted Hat: Royal Dream
Photograph by Neil Thomas
Raw Silk three roses egg percher
Raw Silk three roses egg percher: Cupid’s Cup
Calla lily pink button 3 flowers: Lily the Pink
Calla lily pink button 3 flowers: Lily the Pink




Blue roses and peacock swords on comb: Tamu Sword
Blue roses and peacock swords on comb: Tamu Sword




Pink Garden Hat: Chelsea Fuchsia
Pink Garden Hat: Chelsea Fuchsia





Chelsea Orchid: Chelsea Orchid
Chelsea Orchid: Chelsea Orchid


Hats have over the years gained popularity in fashion, reaching an unrivaled high after Kate Middleton strutted her hat fashion with almost every outfit she wore and while there are guidelines, proper topper protocol is by far the most complicated out there.

Women’s Hat Etiquette

  • Fashion hats should only be removed in an office, if blocking anyone’s view at the theater or at a wedding, or if you so wish.
  • Anything attached to the hat band, for example a flower, should be on the right-hand side.
  • Women can keep their hats on throughout, indoors or outdoors, be it at a wedding, a funeral, a tea event, in church or at a polo event and can stay on even during the national anthem.
  • Large-brimmed hats are inappropriate for night time as they are only to be worn out when it’s sunny.
  • Small-brimmed or no-brim hats can however be worn at night time and in restaurants as well.
  • Fashion hats are not worn with evening or ball gowns; fascinators, small veil hats, fancy combs or cocktail hats are.

Men’s Hat Etiquette

  • Men should remove their hats in-doors i.e. offices, church, classrooms and also when the national anthem is playing.
  • Anything placed on the hat band, should be on the left-hand side.
  • Men should tip or remove their hats at the presence of a woman especially when being introduced for the first time. It is however unnecessary to tip your hat for women you are acquainted to.

Etiquette Exceptions

  • Any religious head coverings are exempted from the etiquette rules and can be kept on wherever, whenever.
  • Any hats or head coverings worn to cover results of any illness such as hair loss or albinism are also exempted from hat etiquette rules.





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Critical Mistakes Brides made and what you can learn from them.

These days you can find a wealth of information to help you plan your wedding, from graphs, charts, timelines; budget guides, party planners, venue options and even apps. Then there are always ideas and ‘must do’s’ from family, friends and in-laws-to-be. It seems there are plenty of people who can tell you what to do. Perhaps the best advice that you can get is from recent brides who know firsthand what ultimately matters in making the day ‘just perfect.’

I am sure by now you have managed to watch our new show ‘My Dream Wedding’ with Samantha’s Bridal. On this show we basically ask the couples to reflect on their wedding day experiences. This show is packed with advice for a bride to be. Catch us every Wednesday at 8.00p.m on KTN!

Back to my discourse, I have surveyed many brides after their weddings. A common question I ask

them is:  “Having gone through the wedding process, what would you have done differently?”

Here’s what some of them said:

Maggie married to Dennis: “I wouldn’t have stressed about the guest list, and just invited everyone without going extremely overboard.”

(Surprising sometimes how many people cannot make the big day anyway!)

Maggie also suggested giving your photographers plenty of sample shots so they know what you would like to have taken. In hindsight she added:

“An extra video and photographer would have been an asset. Our videographer was involved in an accident and was hospitalized on the wedding day just after the ceremony. So we did not get any footage for the reception from our official photographer. Thank goodness the Samantha team was shooting this wedding so we shared the footage!”

Pauline married to Noel reminds all couples to pick up their marriage license. They almost forgot theirs!

Not wanting to leave out any good advice from grooms-to-be, I usually ask them for their input:

Antony said: “I would have had a professional videographer to capture everything about the day. When planning, the videographer got cut out of the wedding budget, so we used a friend and now we have raw footage that we have to pay to have it edited just as much as we would have paid to have a Professional videographer.”

Michael Munuhe who married Ann Shaad said:  “We would have gone an extra mile to know what’s on the market before committing to any payments after paying 250 per chair. We discovered the chiavari chairs go for 150.”

His advice: “Be an educated consumer, attend the wedding fair and know the price of things.”

And the one thing the grooms agree on is to allow the brides a great deal of leeway in planning the big day.

“Be there when asked, but be flexible, too. The brides know what they are doing.”


The past brides all agree on one thing too. RELAX and ENJOY the day.

Ann Shaad advises: “Everything will not be perfect and if you expect it to be, you are only going to stress yourself out and won’t be able to enjoy the day.”

Bethe said: “It is not worth it to stress over anything you think went wrong, because chances are nobody even noticed it but you!”

Ciku said: “Two weeks before my wedding everyone kept telling me to not worry about anything, that I will be the only one to know if something isn’t crossed off our to do list. I kept repeating that in my head whenever I felt my inner crazy person coming out. I would not change a thing about that day. It was absolutely amazing to be surrounded by all of our friends and family and celebrating. Hands down it was the best day of our lives.”

Here are more comments from past brides:

  • “8 months of planning was not enough…I felt rushed by most vendors to book now!”
  • “I was excited about DIY projects in the beginning; I made my invitations and centerpieces. I had so much time planning, but then I stressed because I waited until the last minute.”
  • “I did wait until a little late to order my dress because I thought that if I did it too early I would wish I got something else…I really waited too long for a lot of the pieces. I guess really you never have too much time. It could have gone smoother if I had made decisions early on.”
  • “I would have done the guest list FIRST. I procrastinated about it because I thought it would be such a pain—and it was—but it would have made everything so much easier.”
  • “I freaked out and realized at the end of the wedding that my photographer never took pictures of our grandmothers—and now we’ll never get that opportunity again. If we had a VERY specific list for him, maybe that could have been avoided.”
  • “I loved my wedding, but wished I could have been less rushed in the morning and calmer throughout the getting ready and picture part. By the time I calmed down the wedding was flying by.”


So now it’s your turn. Planning you Dream Wedding? What are your frustrations?

What questions do you have?  Ask away!  I will find the answers to your questions.

Email me!



Groomsmen Shoes: Converse

Groomsmen shoes are a great way of making a statement in a wedding, put your groomsmen in shoes that they are comfortable in and can also wear them again.

Converse shoes are a good example as they break the tradition of the formal outfit that has been the tradition over the years. Instead it gives the wedding a fun theme giving it a cool effect and allow the groomsmen to stand out as well.

Here are some brilliant ideas of converse shoes for your wedding.




purple-converse-for-groomsmen-wedding pinterest

For a daring and outgoing bride, spice up the reception by joining the groom and donning in converse as well.