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Fashion Show Line-up Revealed


Fashion Show Line-up Revealed

Taking place during 2014 wedding expo at Sarit Centre Nairobi Kenya the bridal fashion Shows will unveil some of the finest 2014 bridal collections to brides and an influential worldwide press. The glamour of each show will be preceded by some bubbly treats and a bit of gossip at the welcoming reception in the “Kissing Room”/ hospitality room hosted by our sponsors Delmonte.

International Designer: Enzoani

For the first time in Kenya, Enzoani the internationally acclaimed bridal brand will be showcasing the finest in bridal and formal wear from its 2014 collection.  Enzoani’s will be showcasing their 2014 collection which is much tailored, featuring sleek clean lines, with a classic, timeless feel.  There is an attention to pristine details like fine beading and hints of vintage in the clean cuts of embroidered lace.  These light and delicate lace patterns along with Chantilly lace, silk, satin, chiffon and tulle create a dreamy soft look.

The Enzoani bridal brand emerged in 2005, and quickly rose to compete with the top in the industry by merging traditional and modern European styles into exquisitely hand crafted gowns. From its initial launch, the Enzoani bridal collection has become one of the most renowned brands across multiple countries due to its focus on innovative style, exceptional quality and above all a fit and finish like no other. The designer boasts of exquisite brands including Blue by Enzoani, Love by Enzoani, budget conscious Beautiful & finally the exclusive Black Label. Enzoani is a young, vibrant company that focuses on cutting edge design and has proven very quickly to have a full understanding of high fashion with rich detail.


Wambui Mukenyi

While retaining her signature aesthetic of classic elegance, Wambui Mukenyi is giving the collection a lighter, fresher, more feminine edge. Using only the best quality fabrics, the new collection upholds the standards of quality and design integrity for which Wambui Mukenyi is renowned

Wambui Mukenyi will be showcasing a collection of Exquisite bridal gowns and brides maids dresses. Each gown has been designed to make every bride feel and look amazing on her special day. You can expect to see delicate lace, flowing chiffons and feminine embellishments, all making this collection both stylish and trendy for the fashion conscious bride.

Niku singh

Niku Sigh effortlessly steals the show anywhere he showcases! This first half of the year has been a booming success having put together the most talked about and covered artistic bridal dress accessories adorned by Ambassador Orie Rogo’s daughter Liz Rogo on her wedding.

Despite his childhood dream to become an architect or pilot, Niku studied interior design whilst helping to run the family’s engineering business and is now full time into Jewelry & Fashion Design.


The combination of both an engineering and artistic background, and his great attention to detail, makes Niku the ideal person to create and manufacture a variety of beautiful handmade aluminum and brass beads for the Kenyan company Kitengela Glass and London based Fashion brand & company “Made”, where he currently has his own exclusive collection of jewelry. Niku’s creations have been inspired by his passion for anything & everything artistic. His designs are originally Kenyan designed and produced locally with an exceptional merge of costume Brass & Aluminum with semi-precious stone jewelry, which gives him his Exclusive signature style of “Elegance & Glamorous”

Niku’s made his debut at the London Fashion week 2009 by London based brand “Made”, where he had his collection showcased-displayed. He has since inception, this luxurious and high end brand has showcased in fashion conventions world-world, from THE South African Wedding Expo to The Carribea Show and The Wonderland Fashion Show internationally not to mention our very own Samantha’s Bridal Wedding Expo and a list of local fashion shows

Salvatore Di Fransisca

Trading under the local trademark Fairmove group, this Italian Master Tailors will change the way you look at a gentleman in a suits!

Exclusively working to make your dream man both suave in presentation and impeccable in style, Fairmove Group boasts of a proprietary method of conducting a fitting that utilizes a combination of body measurements, finished measurements, and the use of fit samples with an end result that speaks for itself. This is an “Italian Art” where the master tailors interpret the numbers and notes and build a pattern and a suit as unique as the client’s body.

The value of fine Italian menswear is intrinsically linked to its top design firms & the top Millers in the Region. Centuries after the cultured men of Rome hung up their robes after their last toga party, Italian menswear has boldly marched into the modern clothing forum. Thanks to a heritage that dates back to the mid-1800s, the savvy Nairobian man is able to enjoy the sartorial splendor of Italian menswear design without leaving his city.

Our Stockists

Brides can browse collections from the ready to wear stockists and try on unlimited styles in spacious changing rooms with no appointment necessary. Tag along your best girls and your Mother of the Bride/Groom to a pool of gorgeous wedding goodies! Style-savvy brides will be rejoicing throughout the four days marked by electric fashion shows from top-stockists such as Marina Bridal, Inspiration Boutique, Under-the-veil bridal shop and The Maji Boutique.

Our grooms are not left behind; we have In Seasons Styles, and Big Boss Designs on standby to make sure the groom matches the bride’s grace! With a highly personalized, customer-centric approach and gracious culture dating back to foundation, you can be sure to leave the fashion show feeling gorgeous, inspired, stunning, amazing, happy and fulfilled.

Sahebjaan Creations, all the way from India will be catering to our Indian Brides. Spotting the finest of silks, intricate embroideries, royal gold touches and soft flowing colors designed to add glitz and glamor to the Indian bride’s saree and leghas

With an enduring passion for stocking only the best of world-renown bridal couture, you’ll discover just how amazing a dress-trial assisted by the experts can be!

Date: 3rd– 6th

Venue: Sarit Center

Time 9.00am-6.00 pm

Fashion Show: Every 1pm-6pm, 5pm-6pm

New Magazine Out

Current Samanthas bridal cover
Current Samanthas bridal cover

Want to know a little secret? Weddings aren’t just about getting married they’re about showing off your style. Flowers are certainly the easiest and most dramatic way to perk up a room fast. It’s big-ticket embellishments tied together with often-inexpensive details that really put the sizzle into your space. For more check out page 59 and on that note,  I must confess that have a pet peeve about chair covers and sash ties. I am just not a fan of them anymore. There’s something about them that makes the planzilla in me bubble to the surface. Perhaps it’s the more-often-than-not cheap look of un ironed chair covers or the messiness of it all when a room is filled with 200+ chair covers and puffy sash ties or even clumsy me always getting my feet tripping over the chair covers – either way it just doesn’t float my boat. Seeing the price of chiavari chairs or other fancy chairs, I completely understand why people are still using this plastic chairs. But there are actually many other affordable ways to spruce up your plastic chairs and make them look very pretty. You would be surprised the difference a neat chair can make to the look and feel of your decor. A simple draping, floral garland, a neat fabric bow or ribbon can do wonders. You could even ditch the sash and tie the chair cover in a neat knot or tuck a flower in and it would still come out looking neat, clean and simple. You spend so much money on making your ceremony and reception look pretty, don’t neglect your chairs. Chairs deserve to look pretty too and when there are 100+ of them, you’ll want to dress them up a little bit. In our main feature On pg 58. You will find some of our favorite wedding chair decor ideas.
Finally, What are your plans for your wedding gown when the confetti has settled? Are you planning to trash the dress or cherish it? Would you consider doing a cherish the dress or even trash the dress photo shoot? For those already married, do you still fit into your wedding dress? Have you had it cleaned yet? Is the thought of wearing your dress again just too painful? We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments, and in the meantime we asked one of our favorite photographers, the wonderful Mulavu from Gash studios, renowned for styled location shoots as well as stunning wedding photography, to provide some of his best cherished shots. see page10
Getting married is a major step in building a life with another person…in sickness and in health.  Samantha’s Bridal is helping to ensure that more lives are lived together in health. We are pleased to announce that the wedding dress ball is back again.
Our primary goal in founding the Wedding Dress Ball is to establish an event unlike any other to increase awareness around women’s health specifically cervical and breast health issues and to help eradicate breast and cervical cancer life-threatening diseases. Yes we are inviting you to wear your wedding dress again and join in the long term efforts of fighting breast cancer. As a company that caters to women it is extremely important to us to contribute, ultimately making a real impact in saving lives. After all, we spend a small fortune on a dress that we only get to wear once and we’re very emotionally attached to it… It’s really going to be a great event, there’s something for everyone… Good food, great entertainment. We expect this to be a sold-out event. many women have indicated to us that they will book tables for themselves and their best friends. Other groups interested include fantasy brides, nearly-married, newly-married and old-married-couples like myself and my husband.