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Advice from experts in the wedding industry

Party Is On

Wine has been served in weddings since time in memorial but how do you know when to serve what?

Here are some aspects to consider when selecting the wine for your wedding reception. Matching wine with food is almost impossible so in this case opt for a light, well balanced and easy to drink wine both as red and white. For a more formal and plated meal, ask the advice of your caterer or your wine supplier and simply try the wines with some of the food yourself!

You’re Guests

What kind of wine do they like? How about your friends and family? Do they prefer red, white, rose, sparkling, or a dessert wine? Would your guests enjoy one or two really nice glasses of wine to sip as they socialize? Or is wine not that important to your guests?

Generally in Kenya, we have a sweeter taste for wines; so wines with a fruity and not too dry taste are normally a safe choice.

Time of day

Are you having a lunch or evening reception? People prefer to drink less at an afternoon wedding than an evening affair and they also prefer lighter wine. A good alternative for a lunch reception could be a nicely chilled rose wine. Some of the wines to look out for are South African wines. For an evening reception a choice of white wine and red wine is nearly a must.


If you intend to pair wine with food, you may want to ask yourself, are you having a buffet menu or a sit down and more formal lunch? A buffet offers several choices of food hence matching wine with the food is almost impossible. In this case opt for a light, well balanced and easy to drink wine both as red and white. For a more formal and plated meal, ask the advice of your caterer or your wine supplier and simply try the wines with some of the food yourself.

What’s your budget?

Most of us do not have an unlimited budget to spend on wine, and looking at cost is inevitable. So several options are available to you:

Ask for a wine package: generally for lunch, quantities of wine required can be calculated by 2 glasses of wine per person, sp approx ¼ ltr per person. If you have 100 guests you will need 25 bottles of wine. For a plated dinner, one should count at least 1 bottle of white wine 75cl for 4 people and 1 bottle of red wine 75cl for 3 people. These proportions can be reduced or increased depending on your type of guests as well as the drink selection you will offer.

For a drinks reception, count a maximum of 1 glass of wine per person especially if other drinks like beer, juices and soft drinks are also be available, if you ask for a maximum number of bottles, then you might want to consider a cash bar.

If the caterer or the hotel allows it, look into bringing your own wine bought from your reliable supplier, though be ready to pay for corkage (a charge paid per bottle up to kshs1000).

Discuss with your supplier to have your wines on sale and return basis, this means that if not all the wine is drunk, you will be able to return the unopened bottles to your supplier only make sure that the labels are not damaged.

By Phillipe Cauviere

Director-WWW Bar and Shop Ltd


Make your Reception unforgettable- DANCE!

Wedding receptions are the highlight of any wedding (okay, second to the bride walking down the aisle and the eagerly awaited kiss). Make your reception unforgettable by simply observing three things:

  1. Provide good food
  2. Serve delicious cake
  3. Ensure lots and lots and lots of dancing

These three things make a reception.

We may not have much to say about food and cake, but DANCE . . . oh, DANCE IS OUR LANGUAGE! At your reception, have everyone put on those dancing shoes and dance. Let your guests dance, join them in dancing, have no end to dancing.

Dance is one language both the young and the old understand. So dance! Let the men dance, let the singles dance, let couples dance (including your parents), let Cucu and Guka dance too. Everyone should dance. Dance Luhya, Kalenjin, Kamba, Maasai, Kikuyu, Kisii, Luo even French and Spanish. Dance in between the speeches, before you cut the cake, after you serve the cake.

Let Dance be the center piece of your Wedding Reception, and we believe your reception will definitely be UNFORGETTABLE ! ! !


Will I Satisfy This Man?

SAMCOM2011DAY1-039What really troubles most brides after all the prepping is done and the sun is up illuminating the launch of the happily-ever-after is not the permanence of marriage-which is actually the best part of the deal, its not if the tail will hook onto some unseen crack on the church pews, its not if you will foxtrot properly on your first dance, its not aunt Keziah’s big deal with anything alcoholic; it’s the tingling question: will I satisfy this man, is marriage sex any different, will I meet his standards?
Cynthia Otieno, CEO of Lamead Woman and a marriage counselor explains that your fears and inhibitions are the only aspects that will wipe out any doubts on your honeymoon bed, ‘The most attractive lingerie a woman can adorn is her smile and confidence. Do not by any chance ask him to switch off the lights’ Says Cynthia, ‘Complimenting and affirming your man’s body is very essential to building up his self-trust, let him know that his body turns you on, and just looking at him makes you want him!’

While on it, celebrate your body too and appreciate the power that’s veiled deep within you. A woman’s sexuality should not come across as frightening but rather as a sacred gift instated by the gods for reasons of pure merriment and,
She goes on to explain that due to the drawing post wedding effects and the strangeness of the new setting, it is completely normal to feel uneasy. Do not blame yourself for not being the storybook perfect wife; there’s no expiry date to this night, all you need to do is relax and let the moment take over. Some couples wisely opt for a deep body massage oil with sensual oils that not only helps them relax but helps them break ice too in case of no prior experience.

Take advantage of all the Hollywood folklore in the surge of adrenaline a man experiences simply by undressing a woman! Allowing your husband to help you undress off the heavy layers of tulle and organza will not only save you the little energy left from your first night dance but will also boost your man’s ego; seeing unto the fact that he’s being helpful and his efforts are appreciated.

At this point, my mind goes back to this Indian tradition where during the Mendhi night or henna application ceremony, the prospective bride gets the first letter of her Fiancé’s name carefully drawn in the ebb of the intricate henna patterns. This paves way for the two to fool about as he tries to trace his initials all over her body. Before the shy maiden even realizes what they are on to, fore play will be happening!
Back to matters boudoir Cynthia also reveals another secret to overcoming the first night inhibitions presentation is key; clean up and clean shave for him. Be sure to make him want you before he even touches you, let him desire you. Take a look at the mirror and say all the nice things about yourself, this is not the time to notice that streak of intractable cellulite snuggly finding comfort on your inner thighs. Chances are, he won’t even notice!

Cynthia also advises couples to discuss sex before their fast night. ‘Forget what your folks told you about sex being dirty, you are now in the zone.’ Discuss your anxiety and reservations, this clears the air on what will/can be done and what are the no-go zones. Remember too that different people have different views on sex; for instance, if there are inhibitions on oral sex or anything experimental, do not insist as you might end up spoiling the moment. Both of you will grow into the role.
All said and done, remember men are said to be visual creatures, but a good sensual scent will last past the honeymoon memories. For marriage insights, Cynthia advises couples to come up with a love menu that encompass all their passionate desires, this will easily guide you in exploring your fantasies as you get used to each other, way long after the honeymoon.

In Love With Pilates

Move Better, Breath Deeper

PilatesThis is the new albeit 20th Century regime that will allow you to get your sexy back without huffing and puffing a bucket of sweat or bending over beastly apparatus!


When German Physical-culturist Joseph Pilates developed this exercise regime back in the 20th Century, his main intent was to strengthen the human mind and body. Pilates believed that mental and physical health is interrelated. This regime is designed around six principles thus; concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing.

1. Concentration

You have to concentrate on what you’re doing all the time. And you must concentrate on your entire body for smooth movements. This is not easy, but in Pilates the way that exercises are done is more important than the exercises themselves. Apart from the physical fitness, this principle develops a pattern of focus and attention; very-elemental traits in the wedding preps.

2. Control

This is based on the idea of muscle control

All exercises are done with control with the muscles working to lift against gravity and the resistance of the springs and thereby control the movement of the body and the apparatus. The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy. Which subconsciously translates to self-control; from food to finance…say from your waistline to your pockets.

3. Centering

The center is the focal point of the Pilates Method. Many Pilate’s teachers refer to the group of muscles in the center of the body—encompassing the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks, and inner thighs—as the “powerhouse”. All movement in Pilates should begin from the powerhouse and flow outward to the limbs.

4. Flow or efficiency of movement

Pilates aims for elegant sufficiency of movement, creating flow through the use of appropriate transitions. Once precision has been achieved, the exercises are intended to flow within and into each other in order to build strength and stamina. In other words, the Pilates technique asserts that physical energy exerted from the center should coordinate movements of the extremities: Pilates is flowing movement outward from a strong core

5. Precision

The focus is on doing one precise and perfect movement, rather than many halfhearted ones. Pilates reflects upon common physical culture wisdom: “You will gain more strength from a few energetic, concentrated efforts than from a thousand listless, sluggish movements”. The goal is for this precision to eventually become second nature, and carry over into everyday life as graceful as can be!


It’s literally the breath of life; there is considerable value in increasing the intake of oxygen and the circulation of this oxygenated blood to every part of the body. This cleansing and invigorating process is acquired from practicing exhalation as the key to full inhalation.

To adapt this as a way of life, one is advised to squeeze out the lungs, as they would wring a wet towel dry. Good blood circulation will not only keep you energetic, but also helps in retaining that freshly-ground look and glow on your face

In a few weeks….

  1. You can do your moves in the comfort of your sitting room… what with all the vendors waiting on your wedding checklist!
  2. You will gain that graceful posture to balance your gait down the aisle…
  3.  You can still hold your ‘blush’ in the studios! There are no huffy-puffy sweaty moments…just you and your deep breath!
  4. Pilates will not abandon you at the altar; it’s designed to walk with you through your baby bump and even after your first born knocks in!



By Lillian Gaitho

What could be more exciting to every bride-to-be than a day out at the largest bridal fair event? Imagine you have not one, not two but four days with your best girls and favorite men to discover gorgeous wedding goodies! Cross the dates for Samantha’s Bridal Expo this 3rd-6th July at the Sarit Center and explore everything from the brilliant world of bridal.

A convention of top notch, crème-de-la crème industry players showcasing and directing brides-in-the-making on their countdown time plans and bridal accoutrements; the Samantha Bridal Wedding Expo has the answers to all your bridal questions; catering to all brides, whether you are just starting after your engagement or are all planned and ready to go but just need those last-minute favors to dazzle your guests.


Of course you have the right man, and this requires you to get the perfect dress for your perfect celebration. You will be inspired by the magical catwalk, a fabulous showcase of bridal gowns featuring every style and cut. We have loads of inspiration for your party too; gorgeous looks for your flower girls, stunning gowns for your bridesmaids and sharp suits for the great men in your life.

Brides-to-be will have a pamper sessions with top makeup artists and you can even take a pose for our top photographers! All you have to do is sign up with our ladies at the reception. Whether you want advice on the right lip shade, the color hue to go with your ivory dress or it’s your Mum looking for the right head wrap, our all-round designers will be on stand-by for your wish.

If you want inspiration for the color scheme, or are yet to be decided on the blooms to loom in your nuptials, you can be sure to fall in love with the tones of sweet-smelling bouquets on display.

And what better way to pamper your groom than allow him some soccer in our lounge? Rest assured he will not be somewhere in a corner checking his wrist watch! Bring the man along, BESPOKE Italian Designers –will be showcasing their high-end made to measure suits under Fairview Group.