Bridesmaids’ Official Duties

Bridesmaid Dos:


  1. Buy your bridesmaid dress, shoes, and any other (Without complaining) and be prepared, to pay for professional make up artist and hairstylist
  2. Provide emotional support for the bride throughout her engagement, especially during the often stress-filled final weeks.
  3. Offer to help the bride with planning tasks. Try to volunteer for specific duties, like scouting for bridesmaids’ dresses or stuffing invites.
  4. Help plan, co-host, and pay for the bridal shower. Contribute financially to these events. Attend as many other pre-wedding parties as your schedule will allow.
  5. Budget for your gift giving funds. In addition to a wedding present, you will most likely give gifts at the engagement party, bridal shower, and other festivities. How much should you spend? Purchase or go in on group gifts.
  6. At the shower, help record gifts so the couple can write thank-yours.
  7. On the wedding day, help the bride get ready before the wedding, and offer to hold on to her makeup bag for touch ups throughout the day.
  8. Be there for the bride on the wedding day. Of course you should have a good time, but don’t sneak off on your own in case the bride needs you.
  9. Help bustle the bride’s dress before the reception
  10. Instigate a packed dance floor at the reception the guests will take cues from the wedding party. Even if nobody else is dancing, don’t be afraid you will make a fool of yourself.


Pic Courtesy of BiHarusi
Pic Courtesy of BiHarusi

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Bridesmaid Don’ts:

  1. Don’t show up late – for anything.
  2. Don’t burden the bride with tons of last minute questions – if possible point any questions or concerns to the maid/matron-of-honor or another bridesmaid.
  3. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself by drinking too much at any of the formal festivities. (However, cutting loose at the bridal shower bash is just fine!)
  4. And finally, try not to complain about the style of bridesmaid dress the bride chooses (even if you hate it).
  5. Above all – be a good friend!


Did You Know?

The maid of honor’s role isn’t gender-specific anymore. Honor attendants can be men as well as women, and it isn’t unheard of to have more than one honor attendant sharing the privilege of serving as the bride’s trusted confidante and aide. Actually, this is a great way to split the labor and bestow the honor on more than one trusted friend or relative.

Maid of Honor Extra duties

If you are the maid of honor, know that your fancy little title and prestigious place near the alter requires a little extra effort. The maid of honor also has some specific wedding day duties beyond wearing a big smile and keeping the bride happy:


  1. Attend one of the wedding dress fittings with the bride
  2. Ensure all the maids have gone for their dress fittings, their hair and make is taken care off, they to the ceremony on time and that they have their bouquets
  3. Help the bride dress and deal with her hair, jewelry and the unavoidable wedding day jitters.
  4. Act as a messenger between the bride and groom (and various and sundry family members).
  5. Handle dress and veil issues. Maneuverability could be important here, even in the restroom, so this is an important and sometimes-unexpected duty involving lifting, fluffing, arranging and rear
  6. Hold and protect the Groom’s ring.
  7. Hold the bride’s bouquet for the duration of the wedding ceremony.
  8. Witness the marriage license signing.
  9. Participate in the first dance at a formal reception (partnered with the best man).


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