best anniversary gift Kenyan husband

Tips for the best anniversary gift for your husband.

You love that man. You have loved him since the day you met him, and you don’t see it about to stop anytime soon. It’s been 4 years. Yet somehow that first kiss you both shared feels like it was just 4 days ago. You’ve given him two lovely boys. Boys who are just as strong, handsome, and as intelligent as their father. Last year you got him a luxurious pair of brogues. This year you want to top that.

The perfect anniversary gift for your Kenyan husband can be tricky to contemplate. You always have a few questions running through your mind at this time of year.

Will he like it? You now know him well enough to know his tastes and preferences. But therein lies the challenge. How do you get someone you know very well a better gift than you got him last time? Or the time before that. Gifting forces us all to get better and put more effort into our relationships. And that’s okay. Everyone wins when we choose to individually work harder on whatever we have control of within the relationship.

Here’s another question probably running through your mind. Do I know enough about his passion to get him a gift that he will truly appreciate? If he’s a fashionable gentleman, do I know enough about fabric to get him something he would truly appreciate? If he’s into electronics, do I know enough about the field such that I won’t be swindled by the first ad I see?

You’re looking to get him to fall more in love with you with each anniversary gift. You want him to think about you whenever he interacts with your gift. And that effect is easy to achieve.

Let us explain it in the video below.


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