Beach Theme Wedding

Whether you are both old beach bums or you are going to a beach honeymoon, you can work your passion into the celebration.

First by relaxing your wedding day dress code . wear a simple dress . The bride should wear a bare shoulder dress in a floaty fabric like chiffon and a slim silhouette (not straight cut but not firmly A-line). Sandals for all, including the guys. Dress the men in a nice light fabric, like cheesecloth or linen , in a sandy or white color. Just shirt and pants.

Music will play role in the reception. Hire a band that can play Taarab, Bango or Caribbean style, calypso or coastal music.

For the cards, create a seaside motif with the use of pressed shells. Blue paper with white shells. Sprinkle sand over glue in the corners of the cards for that added ocean side feel.Of course a beach would be an ideal location but you can create your own by dumping sand over the whole event area or just on the walkway area..

The guests could receive a manzi welcome drink.Tall palm tree set in the corner of the room will Add some beach side flair. For center pieces and flower decoration use hibiscus, birds of paradise and even orchids if you can get. Use oil-burning torches to line the walkway. A beach soiree is very informal so I’d hold off on anything at the head of the walkway.

A blue reception helps create that sea and sky feel. Dress the tables with blue tablecloths and have white dressed chairs. Centerpieces of individual clear vases with white blooms wrapped with blue ribbon. The cake can be decorated in the same blue with white waves flowing round the body of the cake and topped with a white fondant sailboat. If indoors, keep the setting light and airy – look for a room with high ceilings, windows, maybe a sunset view. Have your servers dress in island style.

Serve your guests loads of seafood and coastal dishes. Let fish and coconuts be the guideline when deciding on what to offer during each course.

Favors of either real shells or chocolate shells, whichever you prefer.

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