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The secret to having an amazing Kenyan date.

I’ll show you. But first, let me preface it with a quick story. I’m an entrepreneur. And because I’m an entrepreneur, I like to read stories about business strategy. To immerse myself in my work. Anyone of you out there who has a passion they truly enjoy knows exactly what I’m referring to.

Anyway, recently I came across the story of Netflix. Yes, the movie streaming website of the ‘Netflix and chill’ fame. Now, I won’t bore you with a long biography that you can Google online. Here’s the story in a nutshell. In the building of their business, Netflix came to a crossroads. They were a small company that wanted to be a much bigger one. Investors had given them money and were looking to see how exactly they would grow. They were under a bit of pressure. So what did they do? Well at first they tried aggressive advertising, which makes perfect sense. But alas, that did not work.

Then some genius inside the firm came up with an idea. What we need to do is invest in ourselves. Original shows that cannot be found anywhere else. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fun story, but what exactly does that have to do with me having an amazing date, you ask?

Well, here’s the thing. You are Netflix, and your date is the movie watcher. You could sit down and brag about yourself and your accomplishments (which is essentially what advertising is) but that will not work. Have you ever sat across from someone on a date who yapped and bragged incessantly about how awesome they are? Anyone with any experience in dating understands just how much that strategy is doomed to failure. Or, you could invest in the most important thing, you. Show rather than tell.

All self-confidence that is seen on the outside first starts on the inside. Any warm smile and sexy gazes you portray on the outside all start with you feeling a certain way on the inside.

So whether it be going to the gym for a few months, or picking up that designer jacket you’ve been eyeing, or those lovely pairs of shoes that would shoot your self-confidence through the roof, it all starts on the inside. That beautiful watch could portray you as an individual of taste and make for a great conversation starter on the similarities that you may or may not have in terms of taste.

Go ahead. Celebrate yourself. How do you expect them to celebrate you if you won’t celebrate yourself?

Once you’ve made the necessary investment in yourself, the rest will flow easily from there.

How does that saying go again? Build it and they will come.

amazing date kenya

So whether you’re married and keeping the relationship fresh with date nights, or single looking to get married one day, the biggest secret to having an amazing Kenyan date is self-investment.

Designer blazer for men in Kenya exclusive to King Sidney.

Tips for the best anniversary gift for your husband.

You love that man. You have loved him since the day you met him, and you don’t see it about to stop anytime soon. It’s been 4 years. Yet somehow that first kiss you both shared feels like it was just 4 days ago. You’ve given him two lovely boys. Boys who are just as strong, handsome, and as intelligent as their father. Last year you got him a luxurious pair of brogues. This year you want to top that.

The perfect anniversary gift for your Kenyan husband can be tricky to contemplate. You always have a few questions running through your mind at this time of year.

Will he like it? You now know him well enough to know his tastes and preferences. But therein lies the challenge. How do you get someone you know very well a better gift than you got him last time? Or the time before that. Gifting forces us all to get better and put more effort into our relationships. And that’s okay. Everyone wins when we choose to individually work harder on whatever we have control of within the relationship.

Here’s another question probably running through your mind. Do I know enough about his passion to get him a gift that he will truly appreciate? If he’s a fashionable gentleman, do I know enough about fabric to get him something he would truly appreciate? If he’s into electronics, do I know enough about the field such that I won’t be swindled by the first ad I see?

You’re looking to get him to fall more in love with you with each anniversary gift. You want him to think about you whenever he interacts with your gift. And that effect is easy to achieve.

Let us explain it in the video below.


What to wear to a wedding in Kenya – Men’s edition

You’ve been invited to a wedding. Well, not you in particular. Wifey. She’s been invited for a wedding and of course, there’s no way she’s going to go alone. What kind of show would that be? Going for a couple’s event all alone when she has a husband. She won’t have it. And any attempt to wiggle out of it will be met with that look. You know that look.

Now that you’re going you might as well make one hell of an impression. Besides, weddings are great networking opportunities.

So a couple of questions begin running through your mind. Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. I’ll answer each of your questions one by one.

And I’ll even do you one better. Today we’ll do things differently.

Rather than type out the answer in blocks of paragraphs that I’m guessing that you probably will not read, I’ll answer each question with the help of a video.

Sounds like fun?

Let’s do it.

What should I wear to a wedding in Kenya as a guest?

You should wear something unique. A dinner jacket such as this one perhaps.

What’s an appropriate colour to wear to a Kenyan wedding?

There is no appropriate colour to wear to a wedding. It’s not about the colour in as much as it’s about the beauty of what you have on. Here, I’ll let these gentlemen explain.

Is it acceptable to wear jeans or khakis to a wedding reception in Kenya?

Absolutely. As explained by the gentlemen above. As long as you style them properly. Not sure how you can style khaki pants for an important occasion such as a wedding?

Here, let me show you.

There you have it. What to wear to a wedding in Kenya for the stylish Kenyan man.

Wedding guest attire for the Kenyan King.

A Kenyan man’s dream wedding scenario

As always, I’m going to start with a disclaimer. This post is strictly for the couple that wants their wedding to be an experience of a lifetime, for both the bride and the groom, not just the bride. The couple focused more on the fun factor than the doing-things-to-impress-others factor. The couple that wants their wedding day to be forever etched in their memory in the happiest way possible.

Gentlemen. Picture this. You both love soccer. You met her as you were both cheering on your favorite team. She’s essentially like a Carol Radull. Only a lot more beautiful in your opinion and a whole lot more attracted to you. You date for a while. You cannot possibly see yourself spending the rest of your life without her by your side. So one day you wake up and ask her to marry you. She says yes. Of course, she says yes. I mean, this is you we’re talking about.

So the two of you sit down and begin to plan the wedding. In your mind, you’ve heard that the wedding is a female-dominated affair. But you love her so you don’t want to leave her feeling overwhelmed from doing all the stuff by herself. Besides, being the woman that she is, she lets you know right off the bat that she values your opinion and your leadership and she wants a wedding that caters to both of you. A statement that reminds you of why you went ahead and proposed in the first place. You feel so lucky.

So, the two of you begin to plan. “What will be the theme of the wedding?” You both think out loud. What do you both love, she inquires? Soccer. It’s how you met.

Now you’re getting excited. You didn’t think it would be possible but you’re a grown man getting excited about a wedding. And you can see the glare in her eyes as she also envisions a soccer-themed wedding. The wedding cake could perhaps be a more grand version of the soccer-themed cake you both made to celebrate your one year relationship anniversary.

Soccer themed wedding cake

The two of you feel so in love and in sync with each other as you envision the concept, that planning breaks for about an hour as you both head into the bedroom to celebrate the success of the beginning of the planning process. Who said planning a wedding is no fun?

Over the course of the week, you begin to add details to the plan. What are you going to wear? That’s important to you. You like unique pieces. You’re never going to do that ivory jacket uniform everyone wears. It’s just not you. You want something you can wear on multiple special occasions long after the wedding. And you’ve never owned a suit in your life so those are absolutely out of the question. You’ve had your eyes on the following masterpiece for some time.

Very unique wedding jacket Kenya

You show it to your fiancé one morning before you head out to work. She absolutely loves it. Her exact words are, “if there’s anything in this world that can make you look even more handsome than you already are then that has to be it.” My goodness, this woman is a dream come true you think to yourself. You guys almost have another ‘wedding planning fun’ session but work beckons.

As the month progresses, you realize that you’re both very busy and it makes more sense to hire a wedding planner. The two of you are after all paying for the wedding yourselves. Therefore it makes more sense to focus on making money and hand the details to a professional. So you need a wedding planner. But you can’t just have any wedding planner. You have a very unique dream as a couple and the last thing you want is someone who will struggle to bring that dream to life because they have never executed a wedding that unique. A lot of what they do is the boring everyday stuff everyone else does. One day as your scroll through Samantha’s Bridal Instagram feed, you come across this brand.

A brand with years of experience specializing in unique events and couple experiences. You’re sold by her brand so you sit down for a meeting with her. The other wedding planners you sat down with left you exhausted with this planning process. They seemed very focused on the décor and the aesthetics at the expense of everything else. They didn’t seem to really understand what you were after.

Before you meet her, you’re not sure if she’ll be any different. The others did after all also have exceptional marketing materials and websites. However, any doubts you may have heard about her quickly disappear. Because the second you sit down with her, she tells you this.

“Let’s not get it twisted, this is not about looking different. If you only cared for how it looked you’d be seated with one of the cookie-cutter wedding planners. It’s about having an amazing experience at what is currently the most important day of your life. It’s about your wedding day being the best party you’ve ever attended. It’s about staying true to your personality as a couple and doing things your way as the masters of your own destiny. It’s about having a story to tell your kids during your 20 year anniversary as a couple.”

That’s it. Say no more you think to yourself. Best fiancé in the world and now quite possibly the most ideal wedding planner in the world for your unique creative wedding.

Life couldn’t possibly get any better than this.


Article by Peter Okatch. King Maker at King Sidney.

An open letter to Kenyan brides.

Let me start with a disclaimer. This post is written by a man. A man with a huge amount of experience in fashion, but a man nonetheless.

So I will not pretend to understand what it feels like to be a woman. I won’t try to act like the importance of the big day holds the same weight for men as it does for women. I’m told you ladies have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were teenagers. The only thing I was dreaming about as a teenager was losing my virginity. So we’re obviously different.

However, there are a few friendly suggestions I would like to make. The keyword here is friendly. Suggestions that I feel would improve the wedding experience for both you and everyone involved.

Now, if you agree with some of these suggestions, fantastic. Take them and improve your wedding. If you don’t, please go back to my first statement and re-read my disclaimer. I have to put a link to my website at the end of this post, and the last thing I need is a bunch of angry Godzilla brides hunting me down at my shop. We don’t do that here. Kenyans lost all flimsy reasons to hate each other after the handshake.

Let us proceed.

Please learn a little colour theory before picking your wedding colours.

Basic colour theory knowledge really helps. It helps you determine which colours will go together nicely. So what that does is, a group photo ends up looking very nice because of the way the colours rhyme. Let me show you with the aid of an example.

There are three neutral colours. Grey, white and black. Because they are neutral colours, every other colour matches well with those colours. Also, if you have a colour in mind, a good look more often than not is to simply to go with a different shade of the same colour for colour number 2.

Those picturesque looks have been created with very basic knowledge of colour theory. Very basic.

The problem is when y’all pick out your colours, you think, “What’s my favourite colour? Pink. What’s my second favourite colour? Green. Let’s go with pink and green!” Then you end up with the type of disasters I can’t showcase here for fear of being sued. And while we’re on the topic of colour.

Why so complicated?

Picture this. You come up with a fancy colour and let the committee and bridal party know. Ballet slipper pink with a hint of Shamrock green. Yes, those are real colours. I did not come up with any of them out of thin air. It sounded like I did though, right? I had you looking at your screen all puzzled for a few seconds there. Welcome to our world.

Anyway, some poor soul is tasked with shopping around for the colour scheme. She finds it. Then takes a picture and sends it on WhatsApp. It looks different. Of course, it does. There’s a reason why online selling of clothing has never taken off. Things look different in a picture than they do in real life. Ask the millions of men and women who have attempted dating through Tinder.

But we can’t go back and use your description to clarify the actual colour because, in an attempt to sound and look sophisticated, you ended up not being clear. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use complicated-sounding colours. All I’m saying is that you should try to keep it as simple as humanly possible. Chocolate brown is fancy-sounding yet still simple. We’ve all eaten chocolate and can therefore picture it. Tawny brown with a hint of cedar is just you looking for a fight somewhere down the road. And speaking of looking for a fight.

Why do that to them?

Your bridesmaids love you. They’re there for you. Your ride or die sisters. So why reciprocate that by forcing them to wear those cheap shiny things that they will throw away 5 seconds after the wedding? Again for fear of my safety I would never showcase examples here. But you all know exactly what I’m referring to. I get it. It’s the tradition. It’s the way things have always been done. However, this is 2020 for goodness sake. You can have them looking very good in dresses that they can wear long after the wedding. Get creative. It’s your wedding. Your personality. Why limit it to copying what everyone else is doing?

And by the way, a bunch of them are single. Please help them look stunning and beautiful for all the quality single men in attendance. We like it when they look hot and classy. You’re not helping their cause by covering their gorgeous bodies in a horrible cheap fabric and super common style simply because you saw some resembling picture online.

And lastly.

You’re the host, not the guest. Know the difference.

Picture this. It’s a Sunday. You and your man take the kids out to the amusement park as you sit down and whisper romantic things into each other’s ears. You pay for the kids to play with the swings and you keep a close eye on them from afar. What you do not do is force them to sit down with you and talk. Why? Because it’s very apparent that even though you are in charge, what’s important to you is not what is important to them. Even though you are all sharing the same experience, at the same time, within the same venue.

A wedding is exactly like that. It’s a party and you are the organizer and host. What’s important to us as the guests are the food, music and that we dance and have fun. So if you want people reliving that day in their minds, ensure you invest in quality catering, good music (DJ/band) and an MC who will guide us and help us have fun. I always find it funny when a bride skips the MC and overspends on the décor. We don’t remember the décor in that instance. We just sit around bored waiting for that wedding to end so that we can go home and watch Netflix.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t spend money on décor. Please always ensure the place looks as grand and as pretty as possible. The beauty of the event will put everyone in a positive state and help them enjoy themselves more. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t skimp on what’s important to your guests and expect positive reviews. I’ll reiterate. It’s a party. You’re the host. If you truly didn’t care about the enjoyment of your guests, you’d be getting married at the AG’s office.

Article by Peter Okatch. King Maker at King Sidney.

5 unique wedding suits & tuxedos for the Kenyan groom

There’s a breed of men out there who are in love with quality and uniqueness.

You can see it in the way they handle their business. It’s evident in the way they carry themselves. It shines through in the women they choose as partners. Men who do not follow the masses. Men who bring their A-game when the occasion calls for it.

I like to call these men kings. They’re the reason I set up the brand in the first place. And when a King is having a wedding, he tends to show both his queen and the rest of the world, just how exceptional his sense of style can be. Essentially showcasing his power through his wedding tuxedo or suit.

So without further ado, let’s dive into 5 unique wedding tuxedos and suits fit only for the Kenyan king.

  1. The leather trim wedding tuxedo.

unique wedding suit Kenya

Built from high-quality materials that include real leather and mohair wool, this wedding tuxedo is ideal for the more traditional, perhaps older, gentleman. It’s a refreshing twist on an age-old classic design. Inasmuch as the wow factor on this piece may not be as high as the other wedding jackets on this list, its versatility is apparent. Pair it up with a white shirt, you’re a suave looking groom. Pair it up with a black shirt, you can send off someone you lost with the respect they deserve.


  1. The lurex pick stitch wedding tuxedo.

black wedding tuxedo kenya

Craftsmanship at its very best is a thing of beauty, and this wedding tuxedo perfectly encapsulates that. If you’re the type of gentleman who just has to wear a traditional suit for your big day then this one is for you.

  1. The showstopper wedding tuxedo.

Very unique wedding tuxedo Kenya

The cream of the crop. This masterpiece of a wedding tuxedo is guaranteed to have jaws dropping and eyes widening in amazement at the sight of you. Crafted from Italian brocade, this is the ultimate party jacket. One that will serve you on multiple special occasions for years to come.

  1. The A-list wedding tuxedo.

a-list blue wedding tuxedo

Details such as a silk-wool blend fabric and a black leather lapel set this piece apart from most wedding tuxedos. The versatility of this tuxedo means that it can be worn both to your wedding as the groom as well as to your friend’s wedding as a wedding guest.

  1. The hand-painted savannah wedding tuxedo.

unique hand-painted wedding tuxedo

For the bold gentleman not afraid to showcase his unique personality. This hand-painted masterpiece of a tuxedo is likely to cause a few standing ovations. Just be careful not to outshine the bride with this one.

Unique wedding ideas part 1: The Groom

Let me tell you a not-so-well-kept secret. As a man, I wasn’t necessarily too excited about my wedding. At least not initially.

And I definitely didn’t have any fun whatsoever with the process of planning it. Planning it was very hectic. It let to fights in the relationship. Raising money for it was a nightmare. And I was extremely nervous towards the end as the day approached. Because despite all the planning in the world, you can’t really tell which supplier will actually show up and whether or not they will come with the quality of services they promised at their office. It’s a real hit and miss game with some of those suppliers.

I went through a range of emotions, excitement definitely wasn’t one of them.

At least not until I tried my wedding jacket on about 2 weeks prior to the big day. I can’t really describe the feeling, but I’ll go ahead and try.

Unique Kenyan wedding ideas for the groom

“This must be what Tony stark feels like when he converts into Iron-man,” I thought to myself. There’s truly levels to this game because I felt a power I’ve never felt before. Like I could conquer anything. Any nerves that I had disappeared on the spot. I felt really, really strong. And the reason I think I felt that way is not because of how good I looked. Although I did look good. It led to some good times between the fiancé and I immediately she saw me in it if you know what I mean.

No that wasn’t it. It was because of how different I looked. In a good way, of course. I’ve always been a fan of unique, well-crafted items. I believe we all are to some extent. Which, I suppose, is why luxury exists.

We initially hate the price, but soon come to understand that it’s an investment in ourselves as we begin to admire the effort and craftsmanship that has been put into ensuring we feel like Kings the second we slip on the item. And make no mistake about it, I really did feel like a King. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a jolt of self-confidence in my entire life. Immediately I wore it, it transformed me into a new me and showed me all the potential I had not previously seen in myself. That jacket had me going to the gym the very next day.

I apologize. I got carried away as all those good memories came flooding back. The reason for this post was actually is to go ahead and highlight why a unique wedding jacket for the groom makes so much more sense, from a financial perspective.

Rather than get carried away again, I’ll wrap things up and quickly explain what the post was about in the first place with the aid of the following short video.

Article by Peter Okatch. King Maker at King Sidney.

Men don’t dress for women, they dress for success.

Men do not dress up for women, they dress up for success. And when I say ‘dress up’, I mean put on a show and go for the very best in terms of their outfit.

Yes. I’m the same person who wrote an article on men not taking their dressing seriously when it comes to dates with women, and another one on how to dress to attract quality women at a wedding, but please, hear me out for just a bit.

Those posts got me thinking.

As a man, if you’ve been single in the past or are single now, you will encounter an interesting observation. You don’t have to be dressed like a superstar to attract quality women into your life. I’ve had women fall in love with me after seeing me walk to and from the shop every morning as I went out to make my daily purchase of brown bread. Or women I’ve met at the gym who always saw me dressed in nothing but a worn-out gym t-shirt and baggy sweat pants.

As a matter of fact, even on the first date with a prospective future girlfriend, it’s usually best to keep it simple and be comfortable rather than rock a fancy dinner jacket and look like you’re trying too hard to impress her.

Now, I’m not saying that men shouldn’t dress up to attract women. A unique sense of style is a powerful attraction force. What I am saying is that most of them don’t. Because deep down they know it’s not the determining factor in whether or not women will fall for them.

Are their men who like to dress up and color-coordinate their outfit at every turn? Yes. I’m one of them. Every chance that I get to dress up and showcase a very unique personal brand is one I will take. I’m not gay, but I will match colors even when dressed in an outfit as simple as a polo shirt, jeans, and smart casual shoes. Grey and black? What is this, a halfway funeral outfit? I’m not wearing that.

There are a few of us like that, but not most men. No. Men dress up to the nines when their dress code/sense of style is a determining factor in their success. And that generally tends to happen in one of two scenarios.

When it’s imperative that they impress their customer.

Not a customer in the traditional business sense. Here’s my definition of the word customer. A customer is someone who either puts money directly into your pocket or whose positive impression about you will improve your life measurably in one way or another.

A doctor will dress up for his patients because his patients will use his look to judge how good he is at his job.

A professional will wear his absolute best outfit to an interview because he understands that the panel will be judging him the second he walks into the door.

An entrepreneur will look to make a huge impression in terms of his dress code for his most important customers. Particularly in his very first interaction with them. On this note, recently I’ve been fortunate enough to have my business grow to the point of getting meetings with the country’s top young stylish politicians, and I’ve found myself obsessing over my personal presentation. Facial hair, skin facial, jacket, shoes, designer cologne, the works.

Will a man make a major effort to dress up for a woman? Only if the woman satisfies the condition of being a customer. Not necessarily a romantic partner. A male banker meeting a far superior ranking female banker for a presentation will give his style a major upgrade.

Men up their game when they have a specific individual target in mind who has the power to improve their lives drastically.

That’s scenario number one. What’s the second scenario in which a man would bring his A-game?

In a social/group setting.

This one I believe is self-explanatory so I won’t spend much time on it. One of the best ways to showcase power and earn respect at a social gathering is through a unique and elevated sense of style.

A groom will want to be the best-dressed man at his wedding because the occasion requires it. In the same instance, a wedding guest will want to be the best-dressed man at the event so that he can attract the attention of all those high-quality single women.

And no, I’m not undercutting my initial point. He’s not dressing up for some random woman. He’s dressing up for success with women. The power in his sense of style will give him choice. Choice that will allow him to pick the best woman for him and not have to settle. A situation a lot of single men crave.


Article by Peter Okatch. Kingmaker at King Sidney.

You and your man; The Power couple

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed recently and came across this photo.

alfred mutua kenya

The thing that struck me about this photo was the effort to dress up by the lady and the lack of effort by the man. It immediately reminded me of a complaint I hear from a lot of Kenyan women.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love governor Mutua. Plus I can’t tell what the context of the photo was. He could’ve been surprised while casually resting at home.

I’m not saying that governor Mutua is a lazy dresser. Not at all. In fact, here’s a picture of him putting in the effort.

power couple kenya

Not only is he well dressed for this one, they actually complement each other very well. All I’m saying is that the first picture was a perfect representation of what I’ve heard Kenyan women gripe about with regards to some Kenyan men and the way they dress for important functions as a couple.

Let’s take a look at another couple by comparison. Here’s an NFL American football star at an award show.

Notice how they complement each other really well with their color scheme of choice? Red, black and white. They look like a real power couple.

Now compare that, to the very first picture. No need to scroll up. Let me place them side by side for you.

power couples kenya

See the difference? There’s very little to no effort to the jeans outfit. A fact that is exacerbated by him standing next to someone who quite clearly took time to put in the effort.

As a man who sells men’s occasion wear, I get a lot of women complaining about the lack of effort by their men in the style department. Particularly on important couple-occasions. It can get really frustrating to spend hours getting ready and weeks picking out the right dress then a dude slaps on a plain shirt and worn-out blue jeans. Yes, the genders are different and men tend not to care about fashion as much, but Jesus!

And by the way as a man, I can tell you for a fact. No man would accept dressing up in a dinner jacket for a function he considers very important and then allowing his woman to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Yes, we love you and your curves in jeans and t-shirts, but it’s not happening, sweetie. Dress inappropriately for an important function and you will be left at home. Guaranteed.

Enough venting. Let’s talk about solutions. How do you as a woman get your man to make an effort and look even more attractive in your eyes? I wrote a detailed post here on how to upgrade your man’s wardrobe. In summary, take matters into your own hands and dress him up. If done tactfully, he won’t mind at all. He will actually encourage it.

Picture this. If you want to buy a car, you could either spend months learning all the details about the different models of cars, or you could walk into a showroom and use your instinct about people to tell whether the salesman is trustworthy, and then use the information he provides you with to make your purchase. The second option makes more sense right?

Now in the above example, you are the car salesman. Except in this case, the customer (your man) knows you, loves you, and trusts you. He doesn’t know or care too much about fashion. You do. So he’s looking to you for guidance in that department in pretty much the same way you submit to him as his wife for guidance on most other issues. So take charge of your department and own your space.

As his woman, it’s on you to discover his tastes and cater to them by shopping on his behalf. It’s time to remind everyone just how dashing the man you chose is capable of being.


Article by Peter Okatch – King Maker at King Sidney.

How to get him the perfect anniversary gift

How do you go about purchasing the perfect anniversary gift for your husband? I’ll tell you.

But first, let me preface it with a quick personal story.

I didn’t buy my wife a ring. Well, at least not before the wedding. Here’s what happened.

We had a budget for the wedding. And as is the case with most weddings, the costs far exceeded the budget. So I had to make some cuts. I should’ve got a cheaper photographer. Or a cheaper DJ. Because both of those suppliers were really crappy. But I instead paid for everything and left out the rings.

My fiancé was heartbroken.

As daft as it may sound, I didn’t see it coming. And by it, I mean her disappointment. We men can be very emotionally stunted sometimes.

Why was she upset?

Because my actions showed I had chosen those suppliers over her. Something I doubt I would have forgiven had it been the other way round.

Long story short, we agreed to buy fake rings for the wedding. Then the following week I spent my entire business revenues on buying the rings.

Because I understood my mistake. I understood that actions speak louder than words. Anyone can say the words “I love you.” But not everyone will sacrifice and put their money where their mouth is.

What does this have to do with the best anniversary gift for your husband you ask?

Here’s the thing. Your purchase will tell him more than any words that could ever come out of your mouth.

If you’re earning over Kshs. 100,000 a month and you get him socks, that may end up feeling disrespectful and thoughtless to him. Whichever way you spin it. Gift-giving can be hard, I know. They say it’s the thought that counts. But in truth, it’s the sacrifice that counts. Because human beings are not ignorant about emotional issues. They can tell when they’re being dealt the short end of the stick.

You’ve got to go with something well thought out. And here’s 2 ways you can do it.

  1. Watch him closely and get him something you know for a fact he’ll like.

Does he love electronics and gadgets? Do your research on the one he’s coveting and save up for it. Does he like to dress up in fancy jackets? Get your king the best of the best.

king sidney

Two things are bound to happen.

  • First, he will outshine his peers.
  • Secondly, those same peers will marvel at just how well you, his wife, are taking care of him.

Whatever the case may be, please do your research on him first. A big mistake we all tend to make with gift-giving is getting the person what we think is best for them, rather than what they truly desire. Try your level best to understand him. Understands what he really wants. And focus only on that. The time you spend trying to understand him better will also lead to a better relationship. And that’s a wonderful side effect to have.

Alternatively, if you are extremely busy, you could go with option number 2.

2. Hire a personal shopper.

Personal shoppers are a real asset. They are essentially the wedding planners of gift-giving. If you’ve ever planned a wedding on your own you know how difficult it can be. Wedding planners lighten your load tremendously. And personal shoppers do the exact same thing by offering a few major advantages.

  • They already have a database of trusted vendors they’ve built over the years so you do not have to worry about quality control issues.
  • Their experience within the gifting industry means they are quite likely to understand exactly what would make your husband feel loved and cherished.
  • They do for you all the hard work of driving around and gift shopping on your behalf. This frees you up of the hassle and stress of gift shopping. And we all know what they say about a happy wife.

I’ve had lovely experiences with gift shoppers. My personal favorite was Zuida’s Bow Gift Boutique, whom I discovered through a newspaper article. If I had to list all of Zuida’s good traits we’d be here for 48 hours straight. Therefore I won’t go into detail within this article. However, if you’re looking to gift shop for your man and have no clue where to start, I’d definitely recommend them.

Zuida's bow

So there you have it, ladies. If his love languages are acts of service or receiving gifts, then as his woman you’ve got to feed him the fuel he needs. It’s part of the reason you’re the best wife in the world.

So please don’t make the same mistake I made. Make it good. And make it count.

Celebrate your love with the respect and sacrifice it truly deserves.

Cheers and God bless.