African Heritage Inspired Wedding

African fabrics are rich in colour and design. This is something that gets featured more than anything else. Most of the outfits are mainly ceremonial. As you have seen with African Heritage Design Company style of clothing.1image28

Pan African Brides from Nigeria (seated) wearing ‘Okene’ weave by Nigerian women. She shows off a jacket with matching skirt, and head tie. Malachite and cast brass mask necklace by African Heritage. The Dramatic headdress is from the Cameroon.
Adapted from the Ceremonial Beaded Elephant Masks of the Cameroon. This Bride (standng) displays and elaborately beaded panel atop a flowing gown. The feather headdress is ceremonial, also from Cameroon.



Malagassy Silk  Flowing dress with Raw silk Malagassy silk front. Elegant Silk Coat with leather “alo alo” applique at back. Multi strand necklace and matching earrings by African Heritage. Her hat adapted form Nubian Basketry from Uganda and Sudan.

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Ghanaian Royalty
This bare back Kaftan is trimmed with Royal Kente. African Heritage jewelry adorns the bride and is made
from assorted Pan African Beads. The earring are “Fulani gold” worn traditionally by nomadic Fulani people.
Photo: David



Contemporary Adornment
Inspired by the traditional colorful beaded jewelry for the Maasai and other northern communities. African Heritage presents this fresh collection of accessories using white beds.Shown is an elabolrate headress and single line bangles Bridal Elegance.This outfit features a fabulous beaded shawl and headdress from assorted white beads accessories with bangles to match.




The model shows of a special “8 panel” Khanga gown originally designed by Jane Owinga Shabaan. This has been recreated and features gold printed designs at the bottom and is embellished with gold sequins around the neckline slits. The flowing outfit
made using 8 pieces of white Khanga is completed with a white matching head wrap
Photo: David Beatty


Ceremonial Guardian
The Sentry wears a traditional Luo (Kenya) monkey skin outfit complete with fly whisk and warthog teeth headdress.



Majestic Ethiopian
This Bride wear an elegant “Shema” Cloth trimmed cotton outfit with train. Gold jewelry from African Heritage Collection.


More Royalty
A 3 piece outfit with sequined corset, off shoulder ruffle and Kente skirt. Matching porcupine earrings.
Photo: David Beatty


Kenyan Princess
Rose is escorted, on the opposite page, by 2 Maasai warriors wearing white skirts in place of the traditional leather. She adorns an elegant flowing beaded dress over a silk mid rib by African Heritage. This outfit expresses the abundance of wealth in Kenyan bead-work which is done by women.


Ethnic Beauty
This outfit is adapted from Kenya’s Kikuyu Traditional dress code. This is an off shoulder variation decorated with shells and bead-work. The Multi colored “hanging” are held by a shell decorated head band. Costume is completed with Sandals with cowhide straps.



Fresh Contemporary Flare
The bride wears a sleek raw silk blouse with flared sleeves over a flowing skirt with Apron concept at front. She adorns a spectacular African Heritage “boat neck” back and front necklace, made from hammered Aluminum elements, with matching earrings and incised cuff. The Groom is clad in a National Dress inspired Jacket (3 slit Collar) made also from Raw silk and hat and trimmed with grey to match trousers. Beaded Rubber sandals to complete his costume. Other photo: Groom is adorned in a regal Aluminum Cloak to match brides.
Photo: David Beatty


Beaded Satin, Rust and Ivory
Sleeveless Dress with matching bead-work. Traditional neck piece from Kenya’s Rendille/ Samburu community. Incised Aluminum Armbands and bangles and a classical beaded headdress. The Meru Gourd is finished in a stylish, geometric silver finish.
Photo: David Beatty


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