A man gets UK military approval to wear Prince William’s Uniform on his big day

From bold and modern,to traditional and classy, royal wedding attires not just gowns have always had a major impact on all areas of the fashion industry all over the world. No wonder there is so much speculation on what Prince Harry and Mergan Merkel will wear on their big day which will take place on May 19th 2018.

Here in Kenya, a man by the name Patrick, opted to follow by the book what Prince William wore on his big day to celebrate ten years since he met the love of his life, . During his interview On the Samantha’s Bridal episode dubbed, Say Yes to the dress verses here comes the bill, Patrick, who is an entrepreneur, admitted that he was inspired to wear this sensitive attire when he watched the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tie the knot and since they had the royalty as their theme, he settled to be donned in such a unique attire.
After getting a few tips from the Samantha’s Bridal on how best he could achieve the royal theme, His best man, who was once a royal guard, assisted him get to the UK to buy the military uniform.
“I did a research on how to get the royal uniform. My best man, who is an Englishman and a former royal guard, took me to the British military tailors to buy the uniforms for myself and my best man,” the excited Patrick said.
On his big day, Prince William wore a scarlet red home service order tunic with the Irish Shamrock embroidered on the collar. He only had one decoration; the queen’s jubilee golden medal to mark 50 anniversary of her reign. The tunic buttons came in groups of four. these groupings are reserved for the Irish guards as the fourth senior regiment of the foot guards. He wore a crimson sash around his waste which is a ceremonial belt worn by all guard officers.

The entire attire, which costed a whooping 3 million Kenyan shillings, was an exact replica of what Prince William’s wore except the crown which is only reserved for those of the royal lineage.

However, due to the sensitivity of the attire, Patrick and his best man had to sign an agreement that they would not use the suit for any other purpose other than wear it on the official day of the wedding.

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