How to Power Dress for Diwali and/or Valentine’s

Diwali’s coming up. And so is Valentine’s day. Both of which are wonderful opportunities to portray your sophistication. Now, you being the King that you are could go ahead and get a separate jacket for both occasions. Or you could get just a single masterpiece that is guaranteed to knock their socks off.

A jacket in which you can stage a grand entrance at whichever luxurious venue you and your wife choose to celebrate in. A jacket in which you will walk in and have everyone going…








A jacket that will have your wife of 10 years looking at you like she first did 10 years ago.

Yes. What you need to ensure you lock down both occasions in terms of style is an exclusive Italian brocade, African-luxury dinner jacket such as this one.

Diwali Dinner jacket King Sidney



Now, of course, we can’t forget your wife. The woman who has held you down for those last 10 years. Your helper. Your ride or die. The queen without whom you wouldn’t be the King that you are.

We want her dressed in a way that highlights her strengths while complementing yours. Dressed in a way that has you both looking like the power couple that you truly are. And in order to achieve that, we turn to the expert of African luxury in the female department. Queen Sonal Maherali herself.

valentines diwali outfit

We may not know much about female fashion, but we know exceptional when we see it. And Sonal is definitely the best of the best when it comes to female luxury fashion in Africa. By far. Check out her post on dressing for Valentine’s day.

Now all that’s left is for you to romantically present your wife with a red rose.

Very unique wedding tuxedo Kenya

Then go out and celebrate your union.  With any luck, if you’re not too tired in the evening, either or both of those days could end like this.

Gentlemen, How to Amplify Attraction on your Anniversary

Picture this.

You and your lovely wife have been married for a long time. 10 years. It has been a fantastic 10-year relationship. But of late as you look into the mirror, you feel like you’re not the man you used to be. A natural focus on the kids and work has taken a visible toll on you. And it’s evident for all to see.

But since you’re a king, you’re all about solutions, not complaints. You’re about to go through a mid-life reinvention of yourself. Not a mid-life crisis. And you intend to start with this particular anniversary. You want to step into the anniversary date with an extremely powerful look that will have your wife falling in love with you all over again in a way that she never has before.

So let’s go ahead and build your anniversary date outfit with designer pieces from head to toe.

The Pants.

anniversary date outfit men

High-quality merino wool pants. With how incredibly attractive you will be looking in your entire outfit, these are likely to be coming off later in the evening, if you know what I mean. We’ll make the pants grey seeing as to how we’re building a grey outfit. And you’ll ensure that they are made of the highest quality raw materials. Speaking of the highest quality.

The Belt

Anniversary Date night outfit Kenya

What you’d naturally strap on after slipping on your pants. This particular unique masterpiece from Waza wazi is a real impression-creator. It’s made from leather before it’s de-haired and has numerous advantages such as never being able to get dirty. Most importantly though, it’s very unique nature will have your wife’s eyes widening in amazement. Speaking of eyes widening in amazement.

The Tux

Anniversary date tuxedo kenya

You then slip on a white shirt and this powerful grey King Sidney tuxedo. Are you feeling it? Is the self-confidence rising on the inside? It’s a self-confidence that she is guaranteed to notice. And not just her, everyone at the date spot will notice the man of exceptional taste and style that you are strolling in. It’s about time you showed the world your true potential. And speaking of the time.

The watch.

Nothing screams sophistication quite like a swiss watch. Now you can stroll into the date night spot looking and feeling like the King that you are. And speaking of strolling.

The Shoes

grey suit anniversary date night outfit kenya

We complete the look with a lovely pair of grey Calvin Klein’s.

And now you’re good to go. The reinvention of the King.