The secret to having an amazing Kenyan date.

I’ll show you. But first, let me preface it with a quick story. I’m an entrepreneur. And because I’m an entrepreneur, I like to read stories about business strategy. To immerse myself in my work. Anyone of you out there who has a passion they truly enjoy knows exactly what I’m referring to.

Anyway, recently I came across the story of Netflix. Yes, the movie streaming website of the ‘Netflix and chill’ fame. Now, I won’t bore you with a long biography that you can Google online. Here’s the story in a nutshell. In the building of their business, Netflix came to a crossroads. They were a small company that wanted to be a much bigger one. Investors had given them money and were looking to see how exactly they would grow. They were under a bit of pressure. So what did they do? Well at first they tried aggressive advertising, which makes perfect sense. But alas, that did not work.

Then some genius inside the firm came up with an idea. What we need to do is invest in ourselves. Original shows that cannot be found anywhere else. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fun story, but what exactly does that have to do with me having an amazing date, you ask?

Well, here’s the thing. You are Netflix, and your date is the movie watcher. You could sit down and brag about yourself and your accomplishments (which is essentially what advertising is) but that will not work. Have you ever sat across from someone on a date who yapped and bragged incessantly about how awesome they are? Anyone with any experience in dating understands just how much that strategy is doomed to failure. Or, you could invest in the most important thing, you. Show rather than tell.

All self-confidence that is seen on the outside first starts on the inside. Any warm smile and sexy gazes you portray on the outside all start with you feeling a certain way on the inside.

So whether it be going to the gym for a few months, or picking up that designer jacket you’ve been eyeing, or those lovely pairs of shoes that would shoot your self-confidence through the roof, it all starts on the inside. That beautiful watch could portray you as an individual of taste and make for a great conversation starter on the similarities that you may or may not have in terms of taste.

Go ahead. Celebrate yourself. How do you expect them to celebrate you if you won’t celebrate yourself?

Once you’ve made the necessary investment in yourself, the rest will flow easily from there.

How does that saying go again? Build it and they will come.

amazing date kenya

So whether you’re married and keeping the relationship fresh with date nights, or single looking to get married one day, the biggest secret to having an amazing Kenyan date is self-investment.

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Tips for the best anniversary gift for your husband.

You love that man. You have loved him since the day you met him, and you don’t see it about to stop anytime soon. It’s been 4 years. Yet somehow that first kiss you both shared feels like it was just 4 days ago. You’ve given him two lovely boys. Boys who are just as strong, handsome, and as intelligent as their father. Last year you got him a luxurious pair of brogues. This year you want to top that.

The perfect anniversary gift for your Kenyan husband can be tricky to contemplate. You always have a few questions running through your mind at this time of year.

Will he like it? You now know him well enough to know his tastes and preferences. But therein lies the challenge. How do you get someone you know very well a better gift than you got him last time? Or the time before that. Gifting forces us all to get better and put more effort into our relationships. And that’s okay. Everyone wins when we choose to individually work harder on whatever we have control of within the relationship.

Here’s another question probably running through your mind. Do I know enough about his passion to get him a gift that he will truly appreciate? If he’s a fashionable gentleman, do I know enough about fabric to get him something he would truly appreciate? If he’s into electronics, do I know enough about the field such that I won’t be swindled by the first ad I see?

You’re looking to get him to fall more in love with you with each anniversary gift. You want him to think about you whenever he interacts with your gift. And that effect is easy to achieve.

Let us explain it in the video below.


What to wear to a wedding in Kenya – Men’s edition

You’ve been invited to a wedding. Well, not you in particular. Wifey. She’s been invited for a wedding and of course, there’s no way she’s going to go alone. What kind of show would that be? Going for a couple’s event all alone when she has a husband. She won’t have it. And any attempt to wiggle out of it will be met with that look. You know that look.

Now that you’re going you might as well make one hell of an impression. Besides, weddings are great networking opportunities.

So a couple of questions begin running through your mind. Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. I’ll answer each of your questions one by one.

And I’ll even do you one better. Today we’ll do things differently.

Rather than type out the answer in blocks of paragraphs that I’m guessing that you probably will not read, I’ll answer each question with the help of a video.

Sounds like fun?

Let’s do it.

What should I wear to a wedding in Kenya as a guest?

You should wear something unique. A dinner jacket such as this one perhaps.

What’s an appropriate colour to wear to a Kenyan wedding?

There is no appropriate colour to wear to a wedding. It’s not about the colour in as much as it’s about the beauty of what you have on. Here, I’ll let these gentlemen explain.

Is it acceptable to wear jeans or khakis to a wedding reception in Kenya?

Absolutely. As explained by the gentlemen above. As long as you style them properly. Not sure how you can style khaki pants for an important occasion such as a wedding?

Here, let me show you.

There you have it. What to wear to a wedding in Kenya for the stylish Kenyan man.

Wedding guest attire for the Kenyan King.