7 reasons why brides refuse to change their last name

All over the world, some time back, it was automatic that a married woman would, later on, change their name to their hubby’s. Nevertheless, times are changing, and with the rise of independent women i.e being able to acquire land without requiring their husband’s consent or even loans from banks, more and more women are apparently refusing to take up their husband’s last names. Here are some of the reasons that we found out after research, on why some women are not changing their names:
1. Procrastination:
Most women admit that the process of changing their name to their husbands is tedious and they have found themselves procrastinating the entire process. The process entails forms to be filled and returned to the registrar of persons before the names change officially.

2. Their husband’s last name is terrible
Some women reject their husband’s name because it’s either terrible or has a horrible meaning which they cant associate themselves with.
3. To maintain their identity
Marriage means that a woman loses her identity especially by changing their name. To prove that they are proud of who they are, some women decide to keep their last name.

4. It will affect their career
When a woman attains some level of influence or financial/career success before they get married, they tend to refuse the names of their husbands as it results in a lot of complications or its double work trying to change what they have worked for years.
5. Fear of divorce
With the rise in the number of cheating cases, most women are sticking to keeping their last names.
6. Family tradition
Women who come from influential families tend to keep their maiden names as a way of keeping their family tradition and also their wealth. Some also keep because their mother also kept hence it continues throughout their generations.
7. Because their hubby is changing their names to hers
Sounds weird but that’s the current trend now.