Beautify yourself with this top tips and quick fixes

1. If you feel hungry drink two large glasses of water. Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, meaning we reach for snacks when they are not needed.

2. Exercise sensibly. Hormones and lack of sleep and even the weather can affect your stamina levels. For total all over body toning, nothing beats swimming for getting impressive results fast.

3. No one knows when an odd blemish will rear its ugly head. You can safeguard your skin against spots by cleaning your phone regularly with antiseptic wipes. Bacteria on you hand set can be common cause of breakouts around your mouth so it’s worth taking this precaution just before your wedding.

4. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen with a good SPF every morning. Sun aging will leave your skin dehydrated, which contributes, to winkles and fine lines.

5. Feed your nails properly. Nutrition has a huge impact on circulation that carries nutrients of a healthy balanced diet to your figure tips. O encourage the maximum strength and growth, you should ensure your diet contains plenty of fruit and vegetables, iron, zinc and vitamin A. Good sources include cod-liver oil, liver, eggs, carrots, spinach and

6. Be mindful of hidden sugars in the so-called healthy food. Grapes and mangoes can be just as calorific as a bar of chocolate if you over indulge. So choose delicious low sugar fruits instead such as apples, pawpaw,

7. Never squizze a spot no matter how tempting. Cool the area with an ice cube wrapped in a two-ply tissue and holds it over the area for two minutes. Repeat every hour until the swelling goes down. The ice helps to restrict the blood supply meaning the spot is visibly diminished and healing time halved.

8. Cutting dairy products and sugar from your diet will instantly help improve any superficial skin Dairy produce clogs your digestive system allowing bad bacteria multiply while sugar allows inflammation and infections in the skin to thrive- both have an impact on the complexion of your skin.

9. Perfect you bed time regime to get the best night sleep possible. Sleep deprivation will leave you looking and feeling exhausted. Start by making sure the room is cool. Over heating is one of the common causes of disturbed night.

10. Last but not least base your wedding regime on the RENEWAL approach. Rest,

Energy, Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Aspiration and Lifestyle all are vital when it comes to looking and feeling great

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